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When Empires Collide!

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Trip at a Glance

  • Company

    G L-f de Villiers

  • Locations

    New Orleans, Louisiana, United States

  • Activities

    Heritage-History Tour, Sightseeing

  • Price
    From: $30 USD per person
  • Duration

    2 hours, hosted by G L-f de Villiers

  • Avg Distance

    Less than 2 miles. Fully-licensed and insured.

  • Departure Day(s) and Time(s)

    Thursday-Friday at 10am or as a private tour.

  • Starting Location

    Antoine's Annex Cafe 513 Royal Street.

  • Price Includes

    A small group, intimate two-hour walking tour along lovely streets with commentary of the French Quarter by a local, native guide and long-time resident of the enchanting Vieux Carre. Since 1989.

  • Notes

    G L-f de Villiers is your community based tour provider. Recommended by Frommer's and hundreds of happy, satisfied guests. You deserve the very best! Be a part of New Orleans with us! Make a memory!


  • Enter an authentic Creole Townhouse, learn about the marvels of Placage, and it's very significant contributions to the world's music and food.
  • Visit the courtyards of 18th century Creoles to discover the amazing differences in cultures that shape modern day New Orleans and continue to do so.
  • Enjoy poignant visits to the haunts of Jean Lafitte, his associates and his lovers. Marvel at the ingenuity of 18th century cannons and architecture.
  • Observe and learn of the transitions architecturally, culturally, and politically that occurred with the Louisiana Purchase, statehood, and war!
  • Visit the grande dame of Creole cooking and society, Antoine's Restaurant, a veritable microcosm of the history, art, and literature of New Orleans.

Trip Info

Just as the Colonial period ends and the American Era begins, a perfect political storm compels the pirates of the Caribbean to forego their hideways and create a home base in the lands and water below the Isle of Orleans. The region known as Barataria became the land of legend.

Brilliant, capable and well connected in high society, Jean Lafitte easily rose to the top. His family’s “corporation” supplied a steady stream of much needed and desirable luxury goods into Nouvelle Orleans and throughout the Mississippi River basin as far as St. Louis. When the British headed to New Orleans for a great battle of the War of 1812, Louisiana turned to Lafitte. Outnumbered by the greatest infantry and strongest Navy in the world, Lafitte’s clever warfare and his knowledge of the surrounding waterways turned the tide of victory for the Americans.

When you walk in the shadows where pirates roamed for more than a century, your entertaining guide will make you forget that this is a history tour. This is, instead, the tale of the last romantic pirate and a colony’s intrigue-filled journey to statehood.

Available as a private tour, as well. Up to six guests, $150 through September 2016.

Contact us for details and booking. Use your GuideAdvisor VP status for additional discounts.

Recommended by Frommer’s and hundreds of happy guests. Since 1989.

Your adventure awaits!

G L-f de Villiers

G L-f deVilliers, the very best in New Orleans Historic tours. Native, Southern perspective; perfect for any traveler. Never scripted, always fresh. Since 1989.

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