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Tour of Tito's Bunker

Trip at a Glance

  • Locations

    Konjic, Bosnia and Herzegovina

  • Activities

    Heritage-History Tour, Mystery Tour, Sightseeing

  • Price
    €30 EUR per person
  • Duration

    Half or Full Day

  • Departure Day(s) and Time(s)

    As arranged

  • Price Includes

    For 30 euro you will get: Welcome drink, Tour with a guide, Lunch. For 50 euro you will get: Welcome drink, Tour with a guide, Lunch, Dinner, Accommodation at Dzajica buk ROOMS***, Breakfast


  • You will go from one room (chamber) to another and see the last remnants of Yugoslavia, preserved in its original state :)
  • Sit in the chair of Marshal Tito and feel for a moment as the most respected world leader in the last century :)))
  • Make a photo of yourself with the most powerful "red phone" back in the days :)


Trip Info

To be familiar with any country you first have to learn its history. Comrade Tito, a lifelong president of the famous Yugoslavia, was a really important part of history of Konjic region, and as well as in history of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Josip Broz Tito was known by his love of Konjic region and its surrounding, and in that tone he left a legacy to all new generation in form of his secret shelter popularly known as Tito’s bunker DO ARK. If you like to discover new places and explore historical buildings than this tour is made right for you.

We invite you to go with us on a trip back in time and discover all the secrets of this atomic shelter, one of the biggest in Europe of this type, which was built deeply under the mountain Zlatar. Constructed for more than two decades and covered by veil of mystery, this shelter was the most securely kept secret in Ex Yugoslavia.

We don’t want to reveal too many details right now, but we will just mention that at one point you will have an opportunity to personally visit Tito’s office and just for a moment experience how it feels to sit in a chair of one of the most influential statesman in 20th century.

On our website you can see two options:

Price of basic offer (Offer A) with included tax and all the fees is 30 euro per person and covers:
- Welcome (free) drink in camp Džajića buk ROOMS***
- Transport to Tito’s bunker (if you need it)
- Ticket for Tito’s bunker
- Tour of Tito’s bunker accompanied by licensed tour guide (60 min)
- Transport from Tito’s bunker back to Džajića buk ROOMS*** (or if you prefer you can just walk back and enjoy in the scenery around Neretva river. It takes around 30 min.)
- Lunch at Džajića buk ROOMS***

… or if your free time will allow you, you can pick Offer B and for extra 20 euro per person you can choose to also stay for a night in our camp Džajića buk ROOMS***, and enjoy in tasty dinner in our restaurant near Neretva. Next day you will also get a breakfast and while drinking your first morning coffee you can relax and think about where the road will take you next… but we invite you to stay even longer at our place and try other adventures that we have to offer :)

Because we are always trying to adjust our offers to your interest, feel free to contact us and our agents will help you to design your dream vacation, where you can choose how long you want to be our guest and what activities will be included in the program. We guarantee that you will be satisfied both with service and price. :)

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