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Tobacco Smuggling Road

  • Company Website

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Trip at a Glance

  • Company

    Rafting centar Dzajica buk

  • Locations

    Konjic, Bosnia and Herzegovina

  • Activities

    Adventure, Hiking Trekking

  • Price
    €30 EUR per person
  • Duration

    3 hours

  • Departure Day(s) and Time(s)

    As arranged

  • Price Includes

    For 30 euro you will get: Welcome drink, Tour with a guide, Lunch. For 50 euro you will get: Welcome drink, Tour with a guide, Lunch, Dinner, Accommodation at Dzajica buk ROOMS***, Breakfast.


  • Amazing view from local highest peaks
  • Drink clean and fresh water from spring
  • At one point we are passing trough forest which resembles those kind of enchanted forests which you can see in movies about fairies :)


Trip Info

Herzegovina is a specific region that has a long tradition in tobacco growing, thanks to it’s geographical position. This tradition started in the time of Austro-Hungarian monarchy and is still nourished.

By occupation of Bosnia and Herzegovina the Austro-Hungarian monarchy started the monopoly law on the growth, production and sales of tobacco, this could only be done by the state and not by the people. People were allowed to grow tobacco for a personal use, but sales was taxed and people didn’t have enough money to cover those expenses so they started to learn a new trade, known as tobacco smuggling.

Adventures of the tobacco smugglers are a part of the legends of the mountains in Bosnia and Herzegovina. This story is a reminder of those people and their uncertainty related to the mountains, with a wish to keep those memories and save them from being lost.

Life was hard in the parts of west Herzegovina. One of the rare agricultural products that found it’s way to success was a tobacco. Tobacco smugglers had to choose the tougher paths through the mountains to be able to avoid police ambushes, and all that was done with a big load on their backs, over the highest peaks and dangerous grounds.

Price of basic offer with included tax and all the fees is 30 euro per person and covers:
- Welcome (free) drink in camp Džajića buk ROOMS***
- Tour with guide (4 hours)
- Lunch

… or if your free time will allow you, for extra 20 euro per person you can choose to also stay for a night in our camp Džajića buk ROOMS***, and enjoy in tasty dinner in our restaurant near Neretva. Next day you will also get a breakfast and while drinking your first morning coffee you can relax and think about where the road will take you next… but we invite you to stay even longer at our place and try other adventures that we have to offer :)

Your adventure awaits!

Rafting centar Dzajica buk

Neretva rafting – Džajića buk started to operate in 2004 in village Džajići, 7km from Konjic, as a small modest family company with just few boats. From the start we set high goals and expressed our wish to attract enthusiast and adventurers from all around the world who like to spend time in nature and to share with them all the beauty that river Neretva has to offer. Today we are a leading outdoor company in the region which hosts yearly more than 5000 guests from all parts of the world. Other than rafting we also offer: - Tour “Visit of Tito’s bunker” - Tour “Road of tobacco smugglers” - Cruise on Jablaničko lake - Visits of Boračko lake with overnight stays in bungalows in camp Borašnica - Daily excursions with tour guides to Konjic, Sarajevo and Mostar - Hiking trips on mountain Prenj - Nights in nature (Camping, etc…) For easier browsing, selection and payment our activities are divided in four packages (Offers A, B, C & D) on our website Because we are always trying to adjust our offers to your interest, feel free to contact us and our agents will help you to design your dream vacation, where you can choose how long you want to be our guest and what activities will be included in the program. We guarantee that you will be satisfied both with service and price. :)

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