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The Goodsprings Ghost Hunt

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Trip at a Glance

  • Company

    Explore Vegas Now

  • Locations

    Las Vegas, Nevada, United States

  • Activities

    Ghost or Vampire Tour, Sightseeing

  • Price
    $99 USD per person
  • Duration

    4.5 Hours

  • Avg Distance

    30 miles

  • Departure Day(s) and Time(s)

    6:30 Nightly

  • Starting Location

    The Royal Resort 99 Convention Center Drive Las Vegas, Nevada Phone: 866-218-4935

  • Price Includes

    The Ghost Hunt, the use of professional ghost hunting equipment, a Free set of "Ghost Finder" dowsing rods, complimentary Pizza Party and Free Transportation to and from Goodsprings, Nevada.

  • Notes

    Voted the # 1 Ghost Hunt in America.


  • The use of professional Ghost Hunting equipment.
  • Visit to the haunted cemetery.
  • Pizza Party in the haunted "Pioneer Saloon."
  • Visit to the spooky old school house and deserted miners cabins.
  • Free Transportation from Las Vegas to Goodsprings, Nevada and return.


Trip Info

This spirited and spooky ghost hunt will take you to the haunting grounds of Goodsprings, Nevada. Renowned Las Vegas ghost hunter Robert George Allen now makes it possible for you to visit this once thriving mining town and explore its resident spirits.

According to the History Channel, there are two ghosts that haunt the 100-year-old Pioneer Saloon and Gallery. The Pioneer has bullet holes in the side of the building and a coroner’s letter describes how they were created. The old saloon is said to be “haunted” by the gun shot victim’s ghost, as well as the spirit of an old miner. Both ghosts have been seen by many employees and saloon visitors over the years. Other ghostly sightings have been experienced in and around the remains of the town as well, making it a perfect location for a ghost hunt.

Join us on this Paranormal Adventure!

Your adventure awaits!

Explore Vegas Now

Established in 2004, Explore Vegas Now provides exciting Ghost Hunts and Mob Tours to the Las Vegas, Nevada market. All of our tours enjoy 4 & 5 Star Trip Advisor ratings.


  1. 5 out of 5


    TripAdvisor 5 of 5 Stars

    “Some Unexplained Things”

    I am not one who really believes in the paranormal, but after going on this historical tour I have to admit that I saw a couple of odd things I cannot explain. Our Tour guide, Lee was very entertaining and knowledgeable. After we drove out to Goodsprings from the Vegas strip we stopped in at the Pioneer Saloon. This is where the tour began. We were taken to several locations around Goodsprings and educated with legends of the old town and spirit sightings over the years. I heard and saw pictures the other members of the party were taking and there were some odd images showing up in some shots. I snapped a half a dozen shots with my cell camera, because I told my daughter (future ghost hunter) that I would but didn’t really see anything worth noting, until I got home and showed them to my kids. There is one picture that when I showed to them my son pointed at and said it looked like a face. I loaded this to this page and it does appear to have what appears to be a reflection of a face in the glass, but the picture is too high up on the wall to be anyone in the room.
    I was the 5th wheel on our hunt to Goodsprings with 2 couples, one from the Midwest and one from the SF Bay area and everyone had a great time, actually the best time I had during my 5 day stay in Vegas. –

    Fattio Caliente – Los Angeles, CA
    Reviewed April 9, 2013

  2. 5 out of 5


    TripAdvisor 5 of 5 Stars

    “Great Tour”

    My friend and I are Ghost Freaks! We love haunted tours and watch all the ghost TV shows. We recently visited Las Vegas and found a ghost bonanza in a town we had never heard of. Goodsprings, Nevada was an old mining town in the early 1900′s and has a bar named the Pioneer that is 100 years old and still open. We saw the ad for the Ghost Hunt at the airport and just had to go. They take you out there in a van and show you all the old mining shacks, the cemetery and the Pioneer Saloon. You get ghost hunting equipment and for about 3 hours hunt ghosts after dark. This was one of the most exciting nights of my life. I got lots of Orbs and strange energy bursts on my camera and my friend said she felt something touch her back, even though there one was no one behind her. Creepy but Oh, sooo much fun! This was the best ghost tour I have ever been on. – Sara M Chicago, IL

  3. 5 out of 5


    TripAdvisor – 5 of 5 stars

    “Second time there!”

    This was my second time going on this tour and I loved it again! Got great pictures! The pizza was great and my tour guide was so knowledgeable about the area and the stories. I have a really cool pictures of orbs! What a great way to spend the evening! Will definitely recommend! – BAS – Las Vegas

  4. 5 out of 5


    5 Stars ***** TripAdvisor

    “Great Ghost Tour”

    Even though the night was very cold for the 5th of December, the hunt was great. Our guides were very knowledgeable of the history of the area and provided us with wonderful stories on the ride out to the site. Both shared personal experiences from previous tours and did not discount anything we may have seen, heard or felt. We also met Noel, the owner of the Pioneer Saloon, who shared photos of recent paranormal activity. All in all a fun experience I would recommend to anyone interested in the paranormal. – Fran Colorado

  5. 5 out of 5


    “A Real Ghost Hunt”
    5 of 5 stars TripAdvisor Reviewed January 6, 2014

    This tour is great for skeptics too! Jen and Ruben kept us entertained and informed from the pickup point with stories about hauntings in Vegas and discussions of the nature of the paranormal all the way to Goodsprings. Then we went to check out the saloon and the general store and not only get the local flavor (I want to go back, that’s my kind of joint) but explore the hundred year history of the building. The saloon fired up some pizza for us and then we got checked out on the EMF meters, the dowsing rods, thermal scanners and the SB7 spirit box. The SB7 in particular picked up a lot of interesting responses (one of the first was my name!) as we explored several locations in and around the Saloon and the surrounding town. Ruben had some great orb photos and EVP recordings from past tours to show us and Jennifer gave us the background of each location we visited and kept us safe as we explored unfamiliar terrain in the dark. We encountered some bizarre issues with our electronics as my phone was suddenly drained of power and then returned to life again, usually at the same time the EMF meters were going off like mad – maybe the spirits were using its energy … ? We made a number of videos, recordings and photos and I’m in the process of reviewing them carefully for evidence. This tour was a lot of fun, a real ghost hunt – not just a tour with scary stories, and I’d definitely recommend it for anyone who has an interest in the paranormal or who wants to get away from the lights of Vegas for a while and get a taste of the history of Nevada and this fascinating desert town. Dress warm though depending on the season – it can be pretty chilly at night even when you’re not feeling that sense of something coming up behind you. – Dave and Colleen

  6. 5 out of 5


    “GoodSprings Ghost Hunt is a must see!”
    5 of 5 stars TripAdvisor Reviewed January 25, 2014 via mobile

    Went on this last night, so much fun and very insightful. I had an absolute blast! Plus the tour guides made it even better, they are very informative. You learn so much about the towns amazing history. If your in Las Vegas it is defiantly a Must See!!

    Visited January 2014

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