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Souvenir Shopping in Luxor

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Trip at a Glance

  • Company

    Luxor Travels

  • Locations

    Luxor, Egypt

  • Activities

    Lifestyle, Shopping Tour

  • Price
    $10 USD per person
  • Departure Day(s) and Time(s)


  • Starting Location

    Central or harbor located hotels (East and West Bank)


  • Are you looking for a great gift for your family or friends? Or are you looking for the perfect memento to remember your trip to Luxor by? Enjoy a day of souvenir shopping in Luxor!
  • Whatever you may be looking for, you will be sure to find it on this personalized shopping tour. You will visit several great places with a private guide where you can find high-quality souvenirs.
  • Not only will you be able to purchase unique gifts and souvenirs, you'll also be able to see the various stages of the production of local crafts.

Trip Info

In the morning you will be picked up from your hotel in Luxor and you will be taken to the following shops for all your souvenir shopping:

Alabaster: For those who are looking for authentic souvenirs, the alabaster factory is the perfect place to start. There you will be able to see exactly how alabaster is used to make Egyptian handicrafts, the same way the ancient Egyptian artisans used to make their artifacts. The art of sculpting and carving has been passed down from generation to generation and the local craftsmen use the same tools as their ancient ancestors. Here you can find alabaster vases, lamps, Egyptian sculptures and much more. Not only is alabaster a great souvenir, it is also a good investment for your money since the value of this mineral increases over time.

Papyrus: Luxor is the home to many papyrus institutes and you will visit a papyrus workshop to see how papyrus was made in ancient times. You can observe the process and the tools the papyrus artisans use to make beautiful crafts. Here you can buy hand-painted papyrus scrolls with images from the ancient tombs and temples and more.

Perfumes: Stimulate your senses at an oriental perfumery! Here extracts of a wide variety of oriental flowers are used to make exquisite, pure oil perfumes. Choose blended perfumes or pure flower essences, such as gardenia and jasmine, or papyrus and lotus flower which are exclusively available in Egypt. For aromatherapy, choose from a wide range of medicinal oil blends.

Gold & Silver: Egypt has always been famous for gold and silver. Gold mines are found in Nubia, in the south of Egypt. Many pieces of jewelry can be customized to your preferences and for instance, you can have your name engraved in a gold or silver cartouche or ring in ancient hieroglyphs. Or choose other jewelry items with ancient symbols, such as Key of Life (Ankh), Eye of Horus or scarab.

Carpets: For a colorful and luxurious souvenir, visit a local shop with handmade carpets. Find Bedouin and Nubian kilims, carpets and rugs with various designs and made of different fabrics, such as wool and silk.

Spices & herbs: In the Egyptian desert and along the Nile, many different herbs and spices can be found. For those who love drinking herbal tea, be sure not to miss the opportunity to buy hibiscus, fenugreek, caraway and anise, which all have their own medicinal values. In addition to spices such as coriander, cumin, saffron, ginger and cinnamon, you can find more exotic items like doum, tamarind, carob and sahlab so you can enjoy the flavors of Egypt at home.

After enjoying your shopping tour you will be taken back to your hotel in Luxor.

Your adventure awaits!

Luxor Travels

Luxor Travels is one of the first tour operators in Luxor, established in 2005 by licensed Egyptologist tour guide Ragab El Motgalye. Luxor Travels employs a reliable team to ensure great value for your money and the best possible experience while visiting Egypt's places of interest. Many years of experience, a vast knowledge of and an outstanding passion for ancient history make Luxor Travels an excellent choice for all kinds of tours all over Egypt. Tours can be private or for a group, for single travelers or families of all ages. Consider Nile cruises to Aswan, tours inside of Luxor (West Bank and East Bank), and around Luxor (Dendera, Abydos, Edfu, Aswan and Abu Simbel), recreational trips (felucca boat, hot-air balloon, camel, horse or donkey rides), desert safari's (Western Desert), diving and snorkeling excursions in the Red Sea, ground transfers (major airports, other cities), trips to Cairo and Alexandria and many more. Any tour can be customized to your preferences and needs.

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