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Snorkel with Japanese Giant Salamanders

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Trip at a Glance

  • Company

    Big Fish Expeditions

  • Locations

    Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan

  • Activities

    Adventure, Nature, Snorkeling, Wildlife Photography

  • Price
    From: €995 EUR per person
  • Duration

    3 days

  • Avg Distance

    300 miles

  • Departure Day(s) and Time(s)

    September 28-30, October 7-9, 2018

  • Starting Location

    Tokyo, Japan

  • Price Includes

    2 days snorkel with Giant Salamanders 1 night hotel in Nagoya 1 night hotel in Gifu Mountain-style evening feast Tour of Gifu area Bullet Train Road transfers from Nagoya to Gifu English Interpreter


  • Snorkel with giant Japanese Salamanders.
  • Take a tour through the beautiful Gifu Mountains.
  • Spend a night at a traditional Japanese mountain lodge.
  • Ride the world famous high speed Bullet Train across Honshu Island.


Trip Info

Imagine this unique encounter. You don your wetsuit and step into the river. It is not deep – maybe 1.5m at its deepest. Wading over to a craggy rock outcrop you quickly slip into the lea to avoid the current that is trying to drag you downriver. Ducking your head underwater you scan the area for overhangs that may harbor your quarry. Peering into the shadows, you see nothing but small fishes and flattened river rocks piled together. Disappointment starts to rise but then one of the rocks moves slightly and it dawns on you that the flattened rock you have been ignoring is the dinner-plate sized head of a Japanese giant salamander!

The rock monster stirs. It clambers over the other rocks that you now realize are all actually heads with tiny eyes. Then it beats its tail sideways and snakes casually past you towards the river bank. You give chase. Once in shallow enough water, it lets out a stream of bubbles from its nostrils then raises its head to take a much needed breath. You swim with it up into the shallows with your camera and compose an epic shot of it moving between the aquatic and terrestrial worlds. Now that’s a shot your dive buddies don’t have!

Let Big Fish Expeditions help you plan your next memorable experience.

Big Fish Expeditions

Big Fish Expeditions is an industry leader in Big Animal Terrestrial and Marine Adventures. Whether you want to swim within touching distance of a whale shark the size of a school bus, play with a humpback whale calf while its mother cautiously watches the encounter or stare into the eyes of a Sri Lankan Leopard, BFE will put you where the world class action is.

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