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Trip at a Glance

  • Company


  • Locations

    Grosseto, Tuscany, Italy

  • Activities

    Archeological Tour, Sightseeing

  • Price
    $100 USD per trip
  • Duration

    About 3 hours

  • Departure Day(s) and Time(s)

    As arranged

  • Starting Location

    In front of the entrance to the archeological park

  • Notes

    From two to four persons.


  • Discover the history of this territory.
  • Know about the latest discoveries of the excavation campaigns.
  • Enjoy a stroll through the archeological park and along the city walls of Roselle with beautiful views on the area.
  • Imagine to assist to a show in the Roman amphitheater.

Trip Info

The archaeological site of Roselle includes the remains of the ancient city of Etruscan origin, Roselle (Rusellae to the Romans). It is located 8 kilometers north of the city of Grosseto.

Roselle was located on the shore of the ancient lake Prile, and was an old lucumonia of central Etruria, a member of the Etruscan Dodecapoli. It retains an overlap of buildings and walls belonging to the Villanovan civilization, Etruscan and Roman period. The discovery of Attic vases with red figures testifies to the city’s business contacts with Greece and the Greek colonies of southern Italy. Founded in the seventh century BC, it was quoted by Dionysius of Halicarnassus, one of the city that brought help to the Latins in the war against Tarquinio Prisco. Roselle developed to the detriment of neighboring lucumonies especially Vetulonia.

In 294 BC the city was conquered by the Romans. It became the first Roman municipality and later, with Augusto colony. At that date back to the Forum and the basilica, a rain water recollection system and a thermal building. They are also preserved traces of an amphitheater and villas.

Starting from the sixth century declined as the Maremma, plagued by malaria. The city was abandoned until the reclamation of the area by Pietro Leopoldo in the late eighteenth century. Since the fifties of the XX century the remains of the ancient buildings were brought to light by means of a long campaign of excavations which is still going on.

Your adventure awaits!


We are three qualified Tuscany tour guides living in Maremma, a land we call our second home! We provide guided tours to art, culture and everyday life in southern Tuscany!

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