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The Rise and Fall of the American Mafia Tour

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Trip at a Glance

  • Company

    NYC Gangster Tours

  • Locations

    New York City, New York, United States

  • Activities

    Heritage-History Tour, Sightseeing, Walking Tour

  • Price
    $40 USD per person
  • Duration

    2 hours

  • Avg Distance

    1 mile

  • Departure Day(s) and Time(s)

    Fridays and Saturdays at 6pm

  • Starting Location

    168 1st Ave, Lanza's Restaurant

  • Price Includes

    Full tour

  • Notes

    Not for people with trouble walking or young children who should hear stories about murder, drugs, prostitution and complicated World War II era espionage.


  • See where Charles "Lucky" Luciano, organizer of the National Crime Commission grew up
  • See the actual Cafes, Restaurants and Social Clubs where mobsters wined, dined, whacked and got whacked
  • Enjoy the East Village, one of New York's most vibrant, exciting and creative neighborhoods reflected on the "then" and the "now" on one fascinating century-spanning tour
  • See where John Gotti got caught on tape saying the notorious words that would get his underboss Sammy "The Bull" Gravano to turn Federal witness
  • The whole tour comes with accompanying images presented by the guide to truly bring the tour to life!


Trip Info

Join us after the sun goes down and the city comes alive to learn about The Rise and Fall of the American Mafia. This tour focuses mostly on the 20th century arc of Organized Crime in America, specifically anchored by the Five Families of New York. A secret society that began in the 1900′s, expanded massively in the 1920′s, got organized and flourished from the 30′s through the 50′s and experienced a slow and ugly decline through the last decades of the century. This premium tour goes from the East Village down to Little Italy and tells the tale of Lucky Luciano’s ruthless rise to power, his affiliation with other notorious criminals such as Carlo Gambino, Vito Genovese and Meyer Lansky. The tour stops outside the tenements, cafés, restaurants, social clubs, funeral homes and even alleyways where it all happened, in an epic tale that spans 100 years and across the Atlantic and back while never leaving the vibrant streets of New York

Your adventure awaits!

NYC Gangster Tours

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