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Qeshm and Hormuz Islands Eco-tour

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Trip at a Glance

  • Company

    Iran van tour

  • Locations

    Qeshm, Hormozgan Province, Iran

  • Activities

    Eco Tour, Nature

  • Price
    €240 EUR per person
  • Duration

    3 days a complete tour, but can be done partially

  • Avg Distance

    400 kilometers to see all sites

  • Departure Day(s) and Time(s)

    Any time, limited by weather conditions sometime

  • Starting Location

    Bandar Abbass or Qeshm or Hormuz islands possible

  • Price Includes

    3-day tour including 2-night full board stay on Qeshm,one on Hormoz island,transfer from/to sea/airport, local quest house accommodation, registered tour guide, transportation, entrance and boat fees

  • Notes

    Discount for a group of 4 passengers.Fishing gear and equipment is provided for a night beach fishing for free on request.Camping equipment is provided for free on request


  • Salt cave on Qeshm island which is located on the very western end of the Island, is the longest salt island of the world (about six Kilometers).
  • Chahkooh gorge is the smart art of man using natural features to overcome lack of water, by making wells where the water flows during rare rainstorms.
  • Mangrove forest is the only place you can see trees growing in SALT WATER. unbelievably adjusted to the rough side of nature.
  • Naaz islands are the only places where you can claim you have traveled to an island on foot! You don't believe me..come and try for yourself!
  • Crystal salt columns,rocks beautifully shaped by erosion,colorful dust,rocks and beaches makes you believe you are on another planet in Hormuz Island.

Trip Info

Qeshm island , The biggest island of Iran is located a few kilometers off the southern coast of Iran (Persian Gulf), and is bigger than 22 countries of the world. It is about 120 kilometers long and an average of 17 kilometers wide . It is opposite port cities of Bandar Abbas and Bandar Khamir.’its 60 villages are dotted mostly by coasts.

The island has an abundance of wildlife, including birds, reptiles, dolphins and turtles. Qeshm Geopark as the only Geopark in the Middle-East has been registered by the Global Network of Geoparks Based on similarities between Qeshm Islands’ anticlines and Zagros anticlines, it is assumed that Qeshm Island could be part of southern Zagros. Another determining factor would be the Salt Dome which has been pulling up on the western part of the island causing morphologic and tectonic changes. Finally, erosion which is mainly caused by wind, sea waves, and seasonal rainstorms, could be considered as a determining factor in forming the present geomorphology of Qeshm Island. Based on abundant natural resources and unique landscapes, especially exceptional geological formations, the Qeshm Global Geopark was established in the Western part of Qeshm Island. Qeshm is called the land of 7 wonders , although it has more than 7 outstanding features.

Through a complete tour you can see the following wonderful sights which are respectively named from the west to the south…from the farthest to the nearest to Qeshm port city itself:

1. Salt cave
2. Shoor valley
3. Chahkooh gorge
4. Traditional Dhew making
5. Statue Valley
6. Mangrove Forest
7. Laft ancient port
8. Hengam Island and its dolphins and hawk_bill turtles
9. Naaz islands
10. Stars valley
11. Khorbas caves
12. Portuguese fortress

These are the most outstanding natural features and sites which normally can be seen in 2 days.

Hormuz Island is also another unbelievably beautiful natural feature which is located on Hormuz strait. Hormuz Island is 42 km2.

Hormuz , the geological wonderland ,is the rainbow landscape full of mountains of red, purple, yellow and blue explode into the sky like impossible rocky mushrooms.

The stunning golden beach of multi_colored sands; the colorful layers and dramatic cliffs into the ocean; a series of small salty azure lakes; the Sea waves which are colored in red, creating the effect that the beach is bleeding and a lot more unbelievable features have made this island a wonder island.

Hormuz is best known for its ochre, a red-colored earth pigment that has made miles of this land look majestic. Locals have stories for the rocks and cliffs that resemble birds, animals or mythical creatures. “We grew up with our grandparents taking us on long walks and telling us about the rocks,” says Ali Hormuzi, a 44-year-old resident.

Hormuz island can also be seen in one day. Although it is pleasant to spend one night in local tourist guest houses, you can even terminate your trip on the third day and leave for Bandar Abbas by ferry to leave for the rest of the beautiful cities of Iran By bus, plane or train.

Don’t miss this wonderful three-day tour of the less seen part of Iran.

Your adventure awaits!

Iran van tour

Iran van tour is a travel agency located on Qeshm Island and provides you with the best tours and travel facilities , well designed tours on the islands and all around Iran.

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