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Pixian to Wenjiang Biking

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Trip at a Glance

  • Company

    Sunrisechina Expeditions

  • Locations

    Chengdu, Sichuan, China

  • Price
    $150 USD per trip
  • Duration

    1 day

  • Starting Location

    Chengdu, Sichuan, China

  • Price Includes

     Bicycles, helmets & gloves  Lunch & dinner with soft drink  Transfer service  Entrance fee  Drinking water and snacks on the trip  Bike guide fee

  • Notes

    USD 150/PAX (Based on 2 persons) Excluding: Hotel Cooking Experience: 60USDPAX Tips, Supplementary trips and services not mentioned. Other extra expenses


  • This one day cycle tour takes people to explore the country life around Chengdu
  • Sichuan Cuisine Museum Tour
  • Option tour for cooking experience
  • Cycle along the river to Wenjiang county

Trip Info

If you are an avid bike lover but also want to learn more about Sichuan’s culture such as their famous spicy food, then this is the right tour for you. Only lasting a day, but filled with many interesting activities, our bike tour will start in Nongke Village in Pixian county which is considered to be the origin of village tourism in China. Pixian County is only 45 km away from Chengdu, and is a typical representation of rural life in the west of Sichuan plain. The rural life and famous Sichuan dishes are typical for this area. In fact there is a saying in China that if you want to have delicious dishes you have to try Sichuan dishes. Furthermore the main ingredient in Sichuanese food is called Beanpaste that also happens to be produced in Pixian County. As a result we have arranged for you to visit the Sichuan Cuisine Museum and if you choose to, you have the opportunity to go into a local’s home and be taught by a local chef how to make traditional Sichuanese dishes, which you can then make back home for your friends and family. The combination of rural life and cooking is what made us choose this place for you. This one-day biking tour will let you explore the unique landscapes, learn more about Sichuan cuisine, and what see makes Chengdu the land of abundance.

On our tour we will pass by Jiang’an River, which is part of the Dujiangyan Irrigation System. The cycle track goes along the river, crossing local villages, bamboo forests and orchards and it is exclusively paved for cycling, which guarantees our cycling to be safe and comfortable.

Cycling the Sichuan Countryside
Driving Distance: 1.5 hours one way

Biking Distance: 15km—30km/2-4 hours
Pixian County Cycle Greenway is the most popular cycling track in Chengdu. The length of the whole cycle track in the area reaches about 200km but naturally participants may cycle as far as they choose. Cycling through the Sichuan countryside is like journeying into the past, as visitors can enjoy the scenes of rural life untouched by Chengdu’s progressive development.

Sichuan Cuisine Museum
Sichuan cuisine is renowned throughout China for its spiciness and tongue-numbing sensations but also for its unique and delicious taste from a blend of flavors and colors, that also happens to make it a favorite type of food among the Chinese. Yet the fiery flavors for which Sichuan is generally known for only the beginning of its tantalizing culinary wealth. Originally introduced to China by South America at the end of the 17th century, hot pepper became a favorite ingredient for cooks in Sichuan because it provided relief from the region’s humid and rainy climate.

Option Tour: Sichuan Cuisine Cooking Experience

The afternoon time will be given entirely to the art of Sichuan cuisine. You will learn to cook under the guidance of an experienced cook. Our cook will unveil the magic of delicious Sichuan dishes, not only by showing how to make Dandan Noodle or Mapo Tofu, but moreover, by going beyond to the essence of cooking as an art. To wind up the day, you will eat your delicious meals in the company of a beer perhaps.

Hour by Hour Timetable

07:30—09:00 Drive to Pixian, the start point of our cycling tour
09:00—09:30 Warm up exercise for cycling, including adjust the height of the bikes, brakes, etc
09:30—11:00 Cycle along the river to Wenjiang county, our first stop for the cycling tour
11:00—12:30 Cycle back to the start point through the orchard
12:30—13:30 Lunch in the local restaurant
13:30—14:00 Drive to Sichuan Cuisine Museum
14:00—15:30 Sichuan Cuisine Museum Tour
15:30—18:00 Option tour for cooking experience
18:00—19:00 Transfer you back to downtown Chengdu

Your adventure awaits!

Sunrisechina Expeditions

Sunrise Expeditions belongs to the oversea department of jiuzhai Minjiang International Travel Service Co,Ltd. The license number is L-SC-G000055. Sunrise Expeditions is the vanguard of authentic Chinese culture explorer. We are a team of enthusiastic and experienced adventurers seeking to unveil a real China with grassroots approaches. We create distinctive trips that are mind-refreshing and soul-touching. So we invite you, to join us on the off the beaten path adventures, all the way to see a raw China for yourselves. How did it all start? Our Story began with a road cycling tour around Qinghai Lake on the Tibetan Plateau. One morning during this 400-mile high altitude biking tour in 2009, Bruce Chen and Stone He found themselves awoke to a peaceful blue lake alight with the burning sunrise. The breathtaking view brought them a deep sense of fulfillment—yet Bruce and his friends had little support and were exhausted from this journey. Back from this fantastic tour, the three good friends decided that sharing what they was inspired in that tour is worth of their lifetime dedication. So the business started. Whichever types of journeys required, all of our efforts goes to offer the clients a mind-refreshing and soul-touching experience of authentic China. The SunriseChina Expeditions team are waiting for you to start the journey together.

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