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Ninja Training

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  • Locations

    Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan

  • Activities

    Adventure, Multi Activity Tour

  • Price
    Custom Price
  • Duration

    2 hours

  • Departure Day(s) and Time(s)

    Contact guide

  • Starting Location

    North gate of JR Tabata station


  • Learn some of the techniques of becoming a ninja!
  • Summon your spiritual and mental strength by learning Kuji Kiri, a series of nine symbolic hand gestures.
  • See some of the famous weapons created by a master weaponsmith.

Trip Info

Have you ever wanted to be a Ninja? Although glamorized in the entertainment world, ninjas were secret agents, or mercenaries, specialized in unorthodox warfare in feudal Japan. Their skills included espionage, sabotage, infiltration, assassination and open combat in certain situations. See what it takes to be one as you will learn on this multi activity tour!

The art of ninjutsu is more than learning the physical skills of the martial arts. It is also finding your inner self through physical conditioning, meditation and discipline. Meditation helps you to develop key elements of increased awareness and detachment while increasing your sense of inner peace. It teaches how to reach Ku, the no-self void and to control the energy of Ki which is the essential life force existing in all things in the universe.

You will also undergo the teachings of Kuji Kiri, a series of nine symbolic hand gestures. The hand signs are believed to be able to channel energy and were taken from the practices of the early Buddhists. They are used to build confidence and strength in the practitioner. They are also believed to enhance one’s senses of danger and enable one to foresee death.

While you will not be taught to use the weapons of a ninja, you will be amazed to examine the famous weapons made by our master weaponsmith.

The training is set up based on the Five Element Code. According to the old mountain Buddhism, the universe is made with five basic elements of earth, water, wind, fire and sky (or void) and their transitions. In order to have the ki energies of these elements, the training is divided into five categories.

Your adventure awaits!


We are a group of Japan's licensed guides and tour experts in Tokyo to help explore this wonderful city. Our mission is to encourage people to engage into travelling by providing opportunities and interesting experiences.

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