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Chongzhou-Dujiangyan Biking

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Trip at a Glance

  • Company

    Sunrisechina Expeditions

  • Locations

    Chengdu, Sichuan, China

  • Price
    $280 USD per trip
  • Duration

    2 days

  • Starting Location

    Chengdu, Sichuan, China

  • Price Includes

    1)Accommodation 2)Meals 3)Transfer service 4)Guide fee 5)Entrance fee 6)Water & snacks 7)Bicycles & helmets 8)Truck for transporting bicycles

  • Notes

    USD280/PAX (Based on two persons) Excluding: International airfare; Meals not mentioned; Tips; Travel Insurance Supplementary trips; other extra costs.


  • Cycle on the most beautiful country road nearby Chengdu
  • Walk the holy Taoism Qingcheng Mountain
  • Vsit China’s adorable black and white pandas
  • Visit an ancient town called Jiezi and relax while sipping a cup of tea

Trip Info


Would you like to see the countryside without having to travel very far before getting a glimpse at mountainous regions and charming villages? This 2 day tailored biking & walking trip is the perfect solution for having a fun but relaxed weekend trip where you can escape from reality by admiring the gorgeous hilly landscapes, enter the local towns and get the chance to see Sichuan’s most famous animal- The Panda Bear. Biking through west Sichuan means you will get to see vast differences in landscape therefore you will never see the same thing, every activity we have picked out for you is guaranteed to offer you something different and new.On this trip you will have the chance to view beautiful scenery, visit the old town of Jiezi, get up close with the Pandas of Dujiangyan and climb the spiritual and beautiful Qincheng Mountain. Chongzhou County, 40km east to Chengdu, is the heart of west Sichuan basin. The area represents typical rural life in West Sichuan. Our featured starting point is Chongqing Road, given the title of the most beautiful country road in Sichuan. We will bike to Dujiangyan City, but on our way we will stop in an old town called Jiezi that is quite popular among local tourists. After stopping there to walk around and havea cup of tea, we will keep going in the direction of Dujiangyan city. This will be a very scenic ride as more mountains will come into view, one of them being Mount Qincheng which you will visit the following day. A hotel will be provided for you to stay overnight in Dujiangyan city. The following morning you will take a bus to the Dujiangyan Panda Sanctuary for a half-day tour of the different panda enclosures for around 2 hours. Finally in the afternoon you will visit Mount Qincheng. The mountain itself is an extraordinary sight to behold. It is your choice whether you would rather take a cable car or walk it up. All along the way up Mount Qincheng, there are multiple remarkable Taoist temples and exquisite views of the Sichuan landscape from high above. As the path goes up in Mount Qincheng our troubles fade away and our minds are at peace.

Highlights & Experiences

Cycle from Chongzhou to Dujiangyan City(35km/3 – 4 hours biking)

The cycle track from Chongzhou to Dujiangyan city is called Chongqing road , which has been given the title of the most beautiful country road in Sichuan. It was remodeled after the earthquake in 2008 so there is an exclusive cycling track. All the way along the ride, you will pass by green hills, paddy fields, and livestock snoozing by the trees or swimming in the ponds. We will cycle until we arrive at Dujiangyan city and stay overnight in a hotel. A special dinner of Bamboo shoots will be arranged for you.

Jiezi Old Town :

With a history spanning over 1000 years, Jiezi Ancient Town is in Chongzhou, not far from the famous Taoist mountain Qingcheng. It features an ancient temple that can be traced back as far back as Jin Dynasty. There is also a well preserved ancient street, primitive forests and age-old gingko trees.

Dujiangyan Panda Sanctuary:

It is located in Qingcheng town, 18 km away from Dujiangyan city. This Panda Base belongs to Wolong Panda Base, which is specially used for rescue and disease control of the giant pandas. In this panda base there are about 20 pandas including one of the oldest called “Pan Pan”, who was the mascot of the Asian Games in the 1990s.
Mountain Qincheng:

Mount Qincheng is one of the most famous
Taoist mountains in China. In Taoist
mythology it was the early residence of one
of the Taoist founders. Its fame has earned it
a spot on UNESCO’S World Heritage Site.
Mount Qincheng is visited by people
wanting a break from their hectic lives to
admire the natural beauty and pick up some
of the spiritual tranquility present there, if even for just a few hours.The total walk is approximately 10 to 12 kilometers long, and lasts about 3 to 4 hours.

Tour Itinerary:

Day 1 Chengdu—Chongzhou—Dujiangyan city
We shall ride our bike along the mountain road all the way to Dujiangyan city. We will stop to have a cup of tea in the old town of Jiezi before continuing to head to Dujiangyan city.In the late afternoon when we arrive at Dujiangyan city a short walk in the old part of Dujiangyan city will be arranged after our check in.

08:00 Picked up by driver and guide from your hotel
08:00—09:30 Drive to Chongzhou County
09:30—12:00 Cycle to Jiezi old Town
12:00—13:30 Tea and lunch in the old town
13:30—16:00 Cycle to Dujiangyan city
16:00—17:00 Shower and break in the hotel
17:00—18:00 City walk in Dujiangyan
18:00—19:30 dinner time

Day 2 Dujiangyan—Mt. Qingcheng–Chengdu
In the morning you will visit the Dujiangyan Panda Sanctuary for a half-day tour of the different panda enclosures for around 2 hours.
After our tour at the Panda Sanctuary, you will go to Mt. Qingcheng for about 2-3 hours’ leisure walk or by cable car up and down. After finishing your walk up Mt. Qincheng, you will be transferred back by car to Chengdu.

08:30—09:00 Drive to Panda Sanctuary
09:00—11:00 Visit different panda enclosures
11:00—12:00 Lunch time
12:00—16:00 Walk Mt.Qingcheng by cable car up and down
16:00—17:30 Drive back to downtown Chengdu

Your adventure awaits!

Sunrisechina Expeditions

Sunrise Expeditions belongs to the oversea department of jiuzhai Minjiang International Travel Service Co,Ltd. The license number is L-SC-G000055. Sunrise Expeditions is the vanguard of authentic Chinese culture explorer. We are a team of enthusiastic and experienced adventurers seeking to unveil a real China with grassroots approaches. We create distinctive trips that are mind-refreshing and soul-touching. So we invite you, to join us on the off the beaten path adventures, all the way to see a raw China for yourselves. How did it all start? Our Story began with a road cycling tour around Qinghai Lake on the Tibetan Plateau. One morning during this 400-mile high altitude biking tour in 2009, Bruce Chen and Stone He found themselves awoke to a peaceful blue lake alight with the burning sunrise. The breathtaking view brought them a deep sense of fulfillment—yet Bruce and his friends had little support and were exhausted from this journey. Back from this fantastic tour, the three good friends decided that sharing what they was inspired in that tour is worth of their lifetime dedication. So the business started. Whichever types of journeys required, all of our efforts goes to offer the clients a mind-refreshing and soul-touching experience of authentic China. The SunriseChina Expeditions team are waiting for you to start the journey together.

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