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Mongolia Journey | Kharkhiraa Trek + Nomadic Life

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Trip at a Glance

  • Company

    Kamzang Journeys

  • Locations


  • Activities

    Adventure, Hiking Trekking

  • Price
    $5280 USD per person
  • Duration

    26 Days

  • Avg Distance

    Approx 100 miles

  • Departure Day(s) and Time(s)

    9 June 2017

  • Starting Location

    Ulan Bator (Ulaanbaatar), Mongolia

  • Price Includes

    Western, Mongolian + Sherpa Guides, Permits, Hotels, Domestic Flights,Transport, O2 Monitor + PAC Bag, Sat Phone + InReach Satellite Communications, Medical Kit, Boutique-style Kamzang Journeys Trek

  • Notes

    This is an absolutely unique journey through Mongolia, specially crafted for Kamzang Journeys, run with a Western, Sherpa and Mongolian guide!


  • Kharkhiraa Mountains Trek in Western Mongolia, Eagle Hunters
  • Kazakh Nomads, Mongolian Gers + Bactrian Camels, Mongolia's Sublimely Beautiful Mountain Lakes + Rivers
  • Breathtaking Mongolian Steppe, Desert + Mountain Landscapes, Tsambagaray National Park
  • Buddhist Monasteries, Traditional Mongolian Ger Camps, Green + Beautiful Campsites with Late Summer Evening Light
  • Very Qualified, Ecologically Friendly + Environmentally Concerned Staff + Mongolian Agent, An Epic Road Trip, Mongolia's Endless Sky

Trip Info

Kharkhiraa Trek, Sand Dunes, Lakes + Nomadic Life!

Explore Mongolia, the incredibly diverse ‘Land of the Eternal Blue Sky’, on an epic journey across much of Mongolia, specially crafted for Kamzang Journeys. This is a one of a kind trip to Mongolia – only offered as a set departure in June 2017 with Kim + Lhakpa, as well as Mongolian guides and experts. A seasoned travel writer once told me that his soul left his body to enter the rich earth of Mongolia …

Mongolia is a remote land of boundless space and sky, endless golden steppes, sparkling lakes and rivers, the cradle of nomadic people, a land of diverse ethnic groups and sublimely beautiful landscapes. Steeped in legend, mythical Mongolia is the fabled land of Gengis Khan who conquered much of the modern world, of nomads on horseback, eagle hunters, felt gers backed by snow capped peaks, Bactrian camels, rare wildlife and both Shamanistic and Tibetan Buddhist traditions and monasteries.

Our Mongolia journey features a great trek in the Kharkhiraa mountains, the world of the Kazakh nomads, journeys through desert and sand dunes, visits to nomadic gers, where Mongolians herd their Bactrian camels, photographing Mongolia’s eagle hunters and experiencing their unique way of life, Mongolia’s beautiful mountain lakes, rivers and snow peaks, hiking in the Tsambagaray National Park, exploring Buddhist monasteries + more!

Our Mongolia trip does it all in style, staying at atmospheric ger camps, camping and eating with nomads as well as in our comfortable camps. The driving is structured so that we see the maximum amount of the diversity of Mongolia, with lots of free time interspersed for hiking, exploring, visiting Mongolians in their gers and photography. Add on a trip to the Gobi Desert!

NOTE You must be booked on the trek – with flights booked and deposits paid – to get an invitation to Mongolia for your Mongolia visa.
Please book early!

Your adventure awaits!

Kamzang Journeys

Kamzang Journeys is owned and operated by Kim Bannister, an American expat and traveler of 25+ years who is based in Kathmandu, Nepal (spring, autumn and sometimes winter) & Leh, India (summer). Kamzang Journeys is a registered LLC in the USA. The inspiration for Kamzang Journeys originated in Ladakh, where Kim and team have been trekking for 15+ years. It came from trekking through sparkling river valleys of sculpted ochre, mustard and moss-green rocks under soaring Himalayan peaks, through green, nomadic pasture lands peppered with nomadic yak-hair tents under a canopy of endless blue skies. Our passion for these regions inspired us to make a lifestyle of leading treks and bicycle trips through Nepal, India, Tibet and Bhutan, later adding Mongolia and newly Pakistan to the list. All of our Kamzang team shares our love of these Himalayan regions, of the adventure of trekking, of exploring far-flung villages, sipping salt-butter tea in local houses, of camping with the nomads as they round up their flocks of sheep, goats and yaks, of watching for snow leopard and kiang as we journey through remote plateaus on the border of Nepal and Tibet, of bicycling through some of Bhutan's most breathtakingly beautiful regions.

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