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Love is in the Air Tour

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Trip at a Glance

  • Company

    SoulFull Travel Adventures

  • Locations

    Casablanca, Morocco

  • Activities

    Heritage-History Tour, Private Tour, Sightseeing

  • Price
    $4680 USD per person
  • Duration

    14 days, from April 28, 2016 - May 11, 2016

  • Departure Day(s) and Time(s)

    April 28, 2016

  • Starting Location


  • Price Includes

    14 days transportation in private vehicles with A/C, 13 nights in single room accommodation in authentic Moroccan riads, English-speaking driver/guide for the whole trip.

  • Notes

    Not included: Lunches daily & dinners for 6 of the days, airfare (flight ticket), beverages (drinks), travel insurance.


  • We will tour through "The Blue City," a beautiful and unique city with its white washed walls, blue doors and windows.
  • We will camel trek through the Sahara Desert and stay over night among the sand dunes.
  • We will attend the Rose Festival in the Valley of Roses.
  • We will go to Volubilis and explore the ruins of this Roman city.

Trip Info

Are you looking to travel to Morocco with a desire to explore the country, its history and culture, yet don’t know where to start? We have worked hard to solve that problem for you! Join us on our Love is in the Air tour! This tour will take you on a discovery of the best of Morocco. Explore the major cities like Casablanca and Marrakech as well as the smaller, tranquil cities such as Chefchaouen. Visit the heritage sites, go on a camel ride into the desert, meet the Berber people and celebrate the annual Rose Festival alongside the locals!

1st Day: Casablanca Airport

We will meet you at the airport in Casablanca to take you to the hotel to relax and get ready for the tour the following morning. Overnight includes bed and breakfast at Hotel Club Val D’Anfa.

We begin our wonderful journey together with an evening of SoulFull Sharing. During our nightly SoulFull Sharing sessions, we will discuss key concepts that will make you the artist of your dreams, the captain of your desire, but most importantly, the tamer of fears that hold you back from discovering your burning passion and from living with soul. You will receive a custom SoulFull Travel Adventures journal that will contain a key concept for discussion every evening, a few worksheets to help you get to the bare bones of what makes your soul scream “hell yes!” and the amazing opportunity to share your reflections and experiences along this journey to a deeper connection with soul with like-minded travelers of transformation.

2nd Day: Casablanca – Rabat – Chefchaouen

After breakfast in your hotel at 9 am, we will begin our journey to the largest city in Morocco, Casablanca, it is the heart of commerce and industry. Then we will visit the Hassan II mosque, built on water alongside the Atlantic Ocean. Later on, we will drive you to Rabat where you will visit the Royal Palace, the Mausoleum of Mohamed V, the Hassan Tower and the minaret of an incomplete mosque initiated by the Almohad ruler. After lunch, we will begin our drive to Chefchaouen via the Rif Mountains. We will explore the simply beautiful city of Chefchaouen, where everything is set dramatically against the mountains. Load up your cameras! Its blue-washed houses, narrow cobbled streets, and mountainous backdrop create a tranquil and photographic setting. Overnight includes bed and breakfast at Riad Chaouen.

After a beautiful day spent exploring Casablanca, a city of dreams, we will spend our evening relaxing and enjoying food that delights the senses. During our SoulFull Sharing for the evening, we will create a space that grounds you deeply into you soul and the magnificent journey it will lead you through. We will learn how to connect with Gaia with ease and grace to further facilitate a peaceful and anchoring effect on our daily lives that keeps us centered in our desired creations. This connection is a fear tamer…It helps you realize that there really is nothing to fear when you are living in your soul space. Your soul is the fearless captain of desire.

3rd day: Exploring Chefchaouen

After breakfast in your riad at 9 am, we will explore Chefchaouen (known as the Blue City of Morocco). Located at the footstep of 2 higher mountains, Chefchaouen is a beautiful and unique city with its white washed walls and blue doors and windows.Unlike many parts of Morocco, Chefchaouen was occupied by Spain, therefore; there is significant influence from the Spanish and Moorish architecture. Overnight in your riad includes a bed and breakfast at Riad Chaouen.

During our SoulFull Sharing for this evening, we will discover the peaceful space of centering. Centering assists you in leading your life from heart. We will let go of life’s hustle and grind so we can hear the small still voice inside that shows you the yellow brick road to every possibility your soul ever imagined. This voice will explain how playing small in life never serves the greatness that is you. It will explain that you have an amazing gift to offer the world and that gift is authentic you. How amazing would it be to create a life of abundance simply by being you and sharing you every day? That is the purpose of life – if you listen.

4th day: Chefchaouan – Volubilis – Meknes – Fes

After breakfast at 9 am, we will depart to Volubilis and explore the ruins of this Roman city. You will visit the holy city of Moulay Idriss (a place of pilgrimage for Moroccans). After, we will continue to Meknes where you will explore the Medina of Meknes with its beautiful Tomb of Moulay Ismail, The Granary, The Square of Lehdim, and the Gate of Bab al Mansour. You will have the opportunity to explore the souks and relax in one of the square’s cafés. In the afternoon, we will head to the city of Fes, where you will discover one of most important royal cities of Morocco and stay the evening. Overnight includes bed and breakfast at Dar Cordoba.

Our SoulFull Sharing for the evening will be on the life transforming topic of energy management. We will discuss how important it is to listen in order to create a life that is in alignment with your soul and that is an authentic expression of you. We will discuss the importance of boundaries and self-love and how they will create the meaning and balance that are the foundations of creation. You will be given the tools to keep your mind, body, and spirit in a rock star state, so you create magic with every thought and step.

5th day: Fes

After breakfast at 9 am, we will visit the most breath taking places in Fes, including the medina (the old city), its ramparts, and alleys. We will view the famous medieval tanneries and tour the Karaouine Mosque, which was founded in 859 by Fatima Al-Fihri. This mosque is considered the most magnificent and historic religious attraction in the city. After lunch, we will see the Merenid tomb that is in the rim of the valley. We will explore the superb architectural masterpiece of Bou Inania Medersa and other decorated architectural masterpieces like Attarin Medersa and the Neijarin Fountain. We will also view the Fondouks (the place where the donkeys and their owners meet) and visit the souks (markets) where hand crafted merchandise and edible goods, as well as copperware and pottery are sold. Overnight includes bed and breakfast at Dar Cordoba.

Our SoulFull adventure for the evening will be about letting go of the fear, doubt, and judgment that create a block in the natural flow between heart and mind. We will take a journey deep into your heart, into the residence of your inner guidance. We will discover the driving force behind your will and willingness to live the life of your dreams; to create the best version of yourself through presence and mindfulness. Through these practices and patience with your beautiful self you will discover the space of profound insight and leadership that you never knew you possessed. You will become the fire starter of dreams and desires.

6th day: Fes – Midelt

After breakfast at 9 am, we will head to Midelt passing through the Middle Atlas Mountains and the Berber village of Immouzer Kandar and Ifrane, a wonderful mountianous village that is often referred to as the Switzerland of Morocco. We will continue on toward Midelt where you will experience glimpses of the Middle Atlas and High Atlas mountains. Stopping at Azrou, a Berber village in the middle of the famous cedar forest (the largest in Morocco), we will look for the Barbary apes that live in the forest. Your journey continues to Midelt (the Apple City), a city set among the magnificant hills and moutains of the Atlas. Overnight includes bed and breakfast at Hotel Taddart

Our SoulFull Sharing will focus on a life of acceptance. Accepting that your soul knows exactly what you need at every moment. Life is not a series of “good and bad” experiences…every single experience serves as a divine soul teacher. Once you accept that your soul knows at every moment what you need to live your best life, you can work in concert with it to consciously manifest everything you want and need to create a loving and peaceful life that you wake up excited about living.

7th day: Midalet – Errachidia – Ziz valley – Erfoud – Merzouga

After breakfast at 9 am, we will leave for the Middle Atlas Mountains and observe the nomads that live there. We will be mesmerized with views of volcanic rock and nearby Errachidia. We will observe the high cliffs and Ziz Valley that is surrounded by palm trees. Then we will travel to Erfoud, where we will have the opportunity to visit a marble factory that is full of a variety of decorations. After that, we will head to the final destination of the day, Merzouga. Overnight includes bed and breakfast. Group dinner at Hotel Kasbah Mohayut.

Forgiveness will be our focus for SoulFull Sharing this evening. We will discover that being unable to forgive is toxic soul energy. We will dig deep into situations in life that have held us emotionally hostage and keep us from fully realizing our highest good and purpose. We will discover the power in giving ourselves the apology we never received from those that hurt us the most. You, divine soul, are so much more than you can imagine and forgiveness is the key that opens the door to your cage of limitation.

8th day: Merzouga – Erg Chebbi Dunes – Tamrdanite – Khamlia Hassi El-Bied

After breakfast at 9 am, our excursion will take us through the sand-sea dunes near the Algerian border where you will have the chance to take photos and see the black volcanic rock. We may meet nomadic families and see their nomadic lifestyle. Next, we will pass close to tiny Berber villages like Tamrdanite before we reach Khamlia. In Khamlia (a very little village in desert), you will enjoy spiritual Gnawa music (Gnawa are a Sufi order in Morocco who identify with decedents of formerly enslaved West Africans). On our way to the hotel, you will be enchanted with the view of Lake Ait Sareji, which attracts pink flamingos and many other birds. Once at the hotel, we will get ready for our camel trek into the heart of the desert at 4 pm. Once on our camel trek, heading to the bivouac, we will see the spectacular sunset through the dunes. We will enjoy tantalizing Berber cuisine; listen to our desert hosts playing drums under a starry night, and sleep in a traditional camel hair tent in the calm and tranquility of the beautiful Sahara. Group dinner at our desert oasis.

After a beautiful and releasing night of SoulFull Sharing the night before, tonight we will relax and enjoy our mesmerizing desert oasis. We will laugh and drum under a blanket of stars. We will take in the beauty and wonder of this life of ours. We will be in divine presence and company. We will find gratitude for all that we have created and still wish to create.

9th day: Merzouga – Rissani – Erfoud – Tinjdad – Tinghir – Dades

The camel trekker will wake us up at dawn to see the spectacular sunrise in the desert, then we will return to the camp to have our breakfast. After the camel trekker takes us back to the Auberge to have a shower and refresh our body, we will drive to Rissani for lunch via the ksour and kasbahs of Tafilalet. We will visit the Zaouia of moulay, Ali El-Charif, the mausoleum of the dynasty Glaoui founder, and enjoy a walk to discover the local market and traditional souks in Rissani. Then we will drive to Tinghir, passing by Erfoud and Tinjdad. After, we will continue toward Tinghir where you can walk/hike between the gorgeous oasis palm trees. Overnight includes bed and breakfast. Group dinner at Chez Pierre.

I am free… free at last! Are you ready to soar, beautiful soul? Tonight we will discover our personal freedom. We will go within to find all of the people, passion, ideas, and interactions that make our hearts sing and keep us coming back for more. Get ready to put on your soul wings and fly high into the life of your creation.

10th -11th day: Dades to the Rose Valley

We knew that our clients would love to discover Moroccan festivals and how they are celebrated, so we are going to join in on the fun at the Rose Festival that takes place in the Valley of the Roses. We will enjoy two days of festivities at the Rose Festival. Morocco’s Rose Festival occupies the souk area of El Kelaa Des Mgouna, the town responsible for the rosy festivities. During this time, travelers come from all over to attend the festivities where a Rose Queen is elected to reign over the year’s scented crop. The factories in El Kelaa Des Mgouna produce 3000-4000 petals a year. With ten tons of petals required to produce a few liters of precious oil, the harvest is understandably a labor of love and the culminating festivities of the annual Rose Festival are all the livelier for it. As with all festivals in Morocco, the annual Rose Festival boasts delicious food alongside traditional Berber tribes singing, dancing, displaying sword maneuvers and playing traditional musical instruments. We will also enjoy a parade of floats with the nominees for Ms. Roses sitting upon them. Unique to this festival are the rose perfumed streets, Moroccan women wearing traditional head scarves decorated with bright colored velvety flowers, and boys and girls wearing rose-garlands. Overnight includes bed and breakfast at Kasbah Itran.

10th day – Peace… everyone wants it, but few know how to really obtain it, consciously and consistently, at least. Tonight, we will feel into our inner peace. We will take the necessary steps to living a life of peaceful creation and abundance. Our external lives are a reflection of our internal state. If you crave peace and joy you must learn to reflect that from the inside out. It all begins with the ever important first step of finding inner peace; that peaceful still space in your center that guides and leads you forward in creating the life of your dreams. We all have it; we all need it as a creation point of building abundance and lovingly manifesting our desires. Tonight, we will go within and mark that peaceful space with a big X, so you always know where to find it, to be the Zen master of conscious creation – the Kung Fu fear ass kicking soul you deserve.

11th Day- What is soul purpose? What is your soul purpose? Tonight we will explore what that means to each of us. We will ask the soul to step up and take the lamp of illumination to guide us deep into our unique soul expression and purpose. We all have something amazing and wonderful to bless the world with. Something only we possess. Let’s shake out all of the nonsense and get busy going big with our lives. You are needed, what only you can do is needed…tonight we will strengthen the bond and trust between you and your soul, so you can shine the light that is bold and big you upon the world.

12th day: El Kelaa M’gouna -Skoura -Ourzazate -Ait Benhaddo – Pass Tizi-n-Tichka – Marrakech

After breakfast at 9 am, we will depart for Marrakech. Along the way, we will visit the Atlas studios which host the largest movie sets in the world. “Lawrence of Arabia,” ” The Jewel of the Nile,” “The Mummy,” “Gladiator,” and “The Man Who Would Be King,” are among them. Then we will continue on to visit the UNESCO World Heritage Site (the exotic kasbah of Aït Benhaddou). We will cross the High Atlas Mountain through the pass of Tizi n’Tichka. We will stop along the way to enjoy the wonderful surroundings and have lunch in the Berber village, Taddart, before arriving in Marrakech. Overnight includes bed and breakfast at Riad Irhalene.

This topic makes my heart sing. It makes the world go round with harmony and all things yummy. Unconditional love! Learning to make unconditional love a daily practice is honey for the soul. It is the sweetness that is life. It makes you smile more, laugh more, hope more, trust more, let more go, and of course, love more. Who wouldn’t want more of that? Tonight, we will sprinkle that shit everywhere! We will add copious amounts to every aspect of our lives and just for fun… we will add a dash more.

13th day: Marrakech

After breakfast at 9 am, we will have a full day to discover Marrakech, immersing ourselves in the red city. We will visit beautiful palaces and monuments of Marrakech, such as the 19th century Bahia Palace, the 16th century Saadian Tombs, the Koutoubia Mosque, and the Majorelle Garden. After lunch in the Medina, we will visit the famous souks, where the merchants sell everything from leather, carpets, cloth and spices to kaftans. Overnight includes bed and breakfast at Riad Irhalene.

We will not have a SoulFull Sharing session tonight because we will be too busy living abundantly, but it will be our reflective thought thru out the day. Abundance is the nectar of dreams and desire. Abundance in all matters of the soul is a reflection of our willingness to do the work and build the dream; we will continuously create more and more abundance in our lives and live our dreams with ease and grace.

14th day: Marrakech – Casablanca

After breakfast at 9 am, we transfer you to the airport for your flight.

Your adventure awaits!

SoulFull Travel Adventures

Soul Full Travel Adventures is a collaborative travel company that specializes in connecting a broad range of skilled soul adventure professionals with local destination tour guides to create a unique travel experience. We offer group travel experiences to exotic and sacred destinations around the world and pair each tour with skilled professionals that will assist you in connecting with the experience on a soul level for a profound, life-changing adventure. The goal of our travel adventures is to offer you an experience that will feed your soul, increase your awareness of the world and its diversity, connect you deeply with the destination, help you interact with locals in a meaningful way, and support local cooperatives and artisans within the community helping to keep traditional cultures and economies intact.


  1. 5 out of 5


    on last February, we went in a 2-week sightseeing tour of Morocco with STA. Words cannot describe how fabulous it was! Firstly, Soulfull Travel Adventureshas the most professional, friendly, knowledgeable and personable guides. We felt safe, comfortable, and well taken care of. There were 7 in our group and all our wishes and desires were met, whether it was stopping for a photo, buying water, or looking for fossils along the road. The country was breathtaking beautiful, and the roads were excellent. We stayed in beautiful riads, ate local food with our guides, took camels into the desert, rode galloping horses along the Atlantic! I am still dreaming about Morocco. Definitely want to return some day. Oh, the food…did I mention the food…absolutely delicious! We enjoyed our itinerary, as it was a 14 day loop starting in Casablanca, going North to the South, all arrangements arranged by the tour agency. Thank you, STA, Said and Chameice our wonderful guides, Mohammed and Hassan, our professional drivers, and Youssef, our driver and guide who drove us from Essaouria to Marrakech to Casablanca. i really recommend this amazing Team ,thank you for everything

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