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Ladakh Silk Route Trek | Salt Lakes + Villages

  • Company Website

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Trip at a Glance

  • Company

    Kamzang Journeys

  • Locations

    Jammu and Kashmir, India

  • Activities

    Adventure, Hiking Trekking

  • Price
    $2680 USD per person
  • Duration

    17 Days

  • Avg Distance

    Approx 150 miles

  • Departure Day(s) and Time(s)

    12 August 2017

  • Starting Location

    Leh, Ladakh, India

  • Price Includes

    Hotel in Leh - Airport Transfers - Leh 'Insider' Tour - Group Transportation by Private Vehicle - Trek Permits - Kamzang Boutique-Style Trekking - Great Food - Filtered Water - Horse Porterage.

  • Notes

    Our treks in Ladakh + Zanskar are some of our 'signature' Kamzang treks, + some of the best trekking and most specular scenery on the planet! Our 'Kamzang-style' trek set-up is a home-away-from-home.


  • Leh + the historic Indus Valley monasteries, Leh Fort, Main Bazaar, great Indian food, exploring fascinating Leh.
  • Dramatic high salt lake regions (Tso Morori, Tso Kar), Tibetan nomads, remote trekking routes, canyons, river crossings, far-flung villages.
  • Remote Teri valley, breathtakingly beautiful Teri village, Tibetan Buddhist monasteries, rare wildlife and birdlife.
  • Our picks of the best of Ladakh + Zanskar, Indian Himalaya, after 15 years of exploration in these regions
  • Challenging trekking, high passes, sublime Himalayan scenery, central Asian wildlife, few other trekkers + exploration!

Trip Info

Pangong Lake Jeep Safari, Indus Valley Sightseeing, White Water Rafting and Indus Cycling extensions!

Our epic Kamzang Journeys Ladakh Silk Route Trek is an adventure into the high nomadic regions of Ladakh, in the sublimely beautiful Indian Himalaya, trekking across the Tibetan-style green plateaus of the beautiful Tsomoriri and Tso Kar lake region and crossing some of Ladakh’s highest mountain passes. We follow the old Silk Route caravan trails over high Himalayan passes of the Changthang plateau as we trek through remote valleys, populated with Tibetan-style villages, to Pangong Lake on the border of Tibet. This is a remote region reminiscent of western Tibet, with the snow-peaks of the Ladakh, Zanskar and Pangong Ranges providing a spectacular backdrop.

Highlights are spending several days trekking along the shores of Lake Tso Moriri in Ladakh during the peak of nomadic migrations, camping next to the nomads in their yak-hair tents on the banks of this incredibly scenic 26-kilometer lake, surrounded by snow-capped peaks. And crossing a small pass to arrive at the salt lake of Tso Kar, once an important source of trade and income for the local Ladakhi villagers and nomads, now a wetlands preserve, home to a vast array of migratory birds and rare wildlife. The kiang, or wild ass, run wild in big herds through these watery realms.

Our green Ladakhi campsites are backed by the snow-capped Himalayas and the grasslands are peppered with colonies of yak-hair nomadic tents. We visit several small semi-permanent villages with ancient Tibetan Buddhist monasteries, sacred lands. We camp along the meandering rivers that feed into the lakes, an exciting entrance into the fading world of Tibetan and Ladakhi nomads. The nomadic Ladakhi population has traditionally transmigrated from the high plains of Tibet in search of nutritious grass for their livestock, salt to trade, and a market for their butter and wool, a difficult and tenuous existence. This unique way of life, sadly, is quickly dying as the nomads find an easier existence to this harsh life in the cities …

Kyang (wild donkeys) roam these wide valleys of Ladakh, guarding their territory, and red fox, blue sheep, argali, marmots, pikas and Himalayan hare. It is a truly awesome, wild landscape of wide plateaus and craggy snow-peaks but also a gentle world of grassy meadows, delicate flowers, blue skies and meandering streams.

Once past Tso Kar salt lake we trek though our favorite exploratory route of years past, camping at the far-flung Teri village, which hardly, if ever, see Westerners.

A wonderful way to end this trek is with a few days of relaxing on the shores of sublime Pangong Lake, on the border of Tibet …
(See Pangong Lake Jeep Safari Option)

Join our wonderful journey through Ladakh, a piece of ‘old Tibet’!

Your adventure awaits!

Kamzang Journeys

Kamzang Journeys is owned and operated by Kim Bannister, an American expat and traveler of 25+ years who is based in Kathmandu, Nepal (spring, autumn and sometimes winter) & Leh, India (summer). Kamzang Journeys is a registered LLC in the USA. The inspiration for Kamzang Journeys originated in Ladakh, where Kim and team have been trekking for 15+ years. It came from trekking through sparkling river valleys of sculpted ochre, mustard and moss-green rocks under soaring Himalayan peaks, through green, nomadic pasture lands peppered with nomadic yak-hair tents under a canopy of endless blue skies. Our passion for these regions inspired us to make a lifestyle of leading treks and bicycle trips through Nepal, India, Tibet and Bhutan, later adding Mongolia and newly Pakistan to the list. All of our Kamzang team shares our love of these Himalayan regions, of the adventure of trekking, of exploring far-flung villages, sipping salt-butter tea in local houses, of camping with the nomads as they round up their flocks of sheep, goats and yaks, of watching for snow leopard and kiang as we journey through remote plateaus on the border of Nepal and Tibet, of bicycling through some of Bhutan's most breathtakingly beautiful regions.

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