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The Haunted Vegas Ghost Hunt

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Trip at a Glance

  • Company

    Explore Vegas Now

  • Locations

    Las Vegas, Nevada, United States

  • Activities

    Ghost or Vampire Tour, Sightseeing

  • Price
    $80 USD per person
  • Duration

    3 Hours

  • Avg Distance

    10 miles

  • Departure Day(s) and Time(s)

    Nightly at 9:30 PM

  • Starting Location

    The Royal Resort 99 Convention Center Drive Las Vegas, Nevada Phone: 866-218-4935

  • Price Includes

    The Ghost Hunt, Pizza Party, the use of Ghost Hunting equipment, a set of dowsing rods and Free Transportation to & from the Ghost Hunt.

  • Notes

    Voted as one of America's top 10 Ghost Tours.


  • Includes a Free Pizza Party
  • A Free set of "Ghost Finder" dowsing rods.
  • The instruction and use of professional Ghost Hunting equipment
  • Free Shuttle Transportation to and from the Ghost Hunt.

Trip Info

This spirited and spooky ghost adventure will take you to the haunting grounds of “Bugsy” Siegel, Liberace, Redd Foxx and Elvis Presley. Renowned paranormal investigator Robert George Allen now makes it possible for you to visit such eerie sites by offering a ghost hunt, featuring Sin City’s Darkest Ghostly Secrets.

According to Janice Oberding, a paranormal historian and author of the book “Haunted Nevada,” there are more than 21 places where paranormal activity has been documented in Las Vegas. On this spooky ghost hunt, you will be given ghost hunting equipment that includes EMF meters, temperature guns and dowsing rods. You’ll then be taken to a number of Las Vegas’ most haunted locations for an interactive ghost investigation.

This adventure covers such stories as the “Motel of Death,” where numerous celebrity deaths have occurred and the former home of a Las Vegas legend where his ghost continues to haunt despite numerous attempts to exorcise it.

Your adventure awaits!

Explore Vegas Now

Established in 2004, Explore Vegas Now provides exciting Ghost Hunts and Mob Tours to the Las Vegas, Nevada market. All of our tours enjoy 4 & 5 Star Trip Advisor ratings.


  1. 5 out of 5


    5 of 5 Stars TripAdvisor

    “A Great Night Out!”

    The Haunted Vegas Tour is one of the best paranormal tours that I have ever experienced. Rather than trudge along in the desert heat, ride in an air conditioned vehicle, and hear tales of hauntings, murder, and ghastly encounters with the dead and the very much alive!

    These tour guides are experts, and they are not afraid to share their knowledge with you. From learning to use dowsing rods in a haunted park to better understanding “cold spots” and “orbs”, you will leave this tour with a far different perspective of the great unknown.

    This tour will leave you with tales that are nearly hard to believe, if you weren’t able to witness some of the phenomena for yourself! Visit the places where Redd Foxx, Elvis Presly,and the notorious mobster “Bugsy” Siegel, definitely left their impressions. Better yet, we were able to actually visit Liberace’s dressing room… not just view it from the street, but to actually go INSIDE! This is something that you must experience for yourself to truly believe. Almost everyone in our group smelled a man’s cologne, lingering in certain areas, disappearing, and then filtering in again.

    While we visited so many surreal locations, one of the most eerie was close to a warehouse park, where people were actually living in the large underground drains. However, this is not even the scary part. Just a few days before, someone committed suicide from the bridge over the tunnel. The rope was still hanging, blowing haphazardly in the night breeze.

    When in Vegas, this tour is an absolute must. Not only will it help you to familiarize yourself with the city, but it will make you think twice before turning out the lights in your hotel room. – Destination Diaries – Louisville, Kentucky

  2. 5 out of 5


    5 of 5 Stars TripAdvisor

    “The Best Ghost Tour we’ve been on”

    It was so cool. We used actual temperature and location devices. Spoke to Liberace and Red Fox. Lots of photos of anomalies and just has a ball. Very nice motor coach, excellent tour guide, Jack, and fun interactions. My 15 a year old says It was her most favorite thing we did. – Debbie Orlando, FL

  3. 5 out of 5


    5 of 5 stars TripAdvisor

    “Great Ghost Tour”

    My brother and I are huge fans of the paranormal. We watch all the TV shows and have taken about a dozen ghost tours over the years.
    Haunted Vegas is one of the best. They give you ghost hunting equip, so you don’t just listen to ghost stories, you actually go ghost hunting. The guide is an older guy who knows his stuff and is also very funny. If you want to get away from the Strip this is a great treat!

  4. 5 out of 5


    “Best Ghost Hunt”

    We loved this Ghost Hunt. The host was great and he was and he and the driver made you feel very comfortable. We got Orbs at the old bridge and a cloudy mist in our camera in the park. My wife felt someone or something touch her neck twice in the park, even though nothing was there. She screamed – It was creepy. The Pizza was very good too. If you are into GHOSTS this is for you. Non-Believers Stay Home!

    5 of 5 stars TripAdvisor
    Reviewed February 18, 2014

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