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Magical Horses, ON, Canada

  • Company Website

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Trip at a Glance

  • Company

    Foymount Farm

  • Locations

    Renfrew, Ontario, Canada

  • Activities

    Equine Retreat

  • Price
    From: $800 CAD per person
  • Duration

    4 days

  • Departure Day(s) and Time(s)

    Sept 2-5 2017

  • Starting Location

    Foymount Farm Cormac Ontario, Canada

  • Price Includes

    snacks, lunch, tea, coffee and water.

  • Notes

    No previous experience of horses necessary


  • 4 day Equine retreat. Personal development through the energy of the horse, communication through body language. Get away from it all on our farm.
  • Come and hang out with the herd, sharing undemanding time with our horses. Surrounded by nature in a very peaceful part of Canada.
  • Learn how horses are very sensitive and resonate our energy and smallest intentions to become a mirror to ourselves.
  • Comfortable accommodation and home produced organic food available on site.
  • Shuttle service from Ottawa Airport available at an extra cost. Please inquire.

Trip Info

A journey of self realization through the energy of the horse.

Have you ever wondered if life could be lived with more ease and joy?
What if horses could be your most valuable teacher?

Our horses are awaiting you or you are welcome to bring your own horse.

Retreats program details:
Let us take you on a journey of self realization through the energy of the horse. Develop energy awareness, connection and communication with horses. Discover the art of being with horses and what they have to offer. No previous experience necessary for this Equine retreat.

Are you living the life that was intended for you or are you drifting along, being pushed to make decisions about your life that in your heart you know are not your life’s path but one that you have been driven to believe it should be?

No previous experience required. We will accommodate and support you if you feel anxious around horses.This is a non-riding program facilitated on the farm premises. A covered area is available when appropriate for the horse, client and or weather conditions.

Come and hang out with the horses and share undemanding time. Take time to explore the farm and trails or go for a swim in the nearby lake.

Your adventure awaits!

Foymount Farm

We are a farm set off the road by it's own track in the midst of peace and quiet surrounded by tree covered hills. It is 140 acres of mainly woodlot with a few farm animals, a herd of horses, fruit trees and home grown vegetables. The farm is managed using the principles of permaculture, self sufficiency and respect for nature. We offer workshops, retreats and 'get away from it all' experiences.


  1. 5 out of 5


    Dear Sue, Angela, Lauren & Bodo,
    We are so very grateful for our week with you, & the horses we learned with Saaphie & Caliph,

    Sue and Angela are excellent instructors, learning the principles & practices of natural horsemanship and energy work is inspiring and enlightening. We learned so very much from you, Saaphie and Caliph about energetically connecting as humans with horses. It is awesome to reflect on our learning from the first training day, creating an energetic relationship with the horses. Learning how to energetically focus & communicate with the horses as we (our herd of two) dealt with challenges using a halter and slack lead and later using no halter or lead! And transferring our learning during ground work with the horses to riding Saaphie.

    This consciousness learning and energy experience is enlightening and is shaping my daily life in new ways. As I integrate Sue and Angela’s instruction in energy consciousness principles and practices I notice positive changes in my life. The energy learning is amazing, I wish I had learned this years ago!

    This energy experience affects my energy relationships with family, friends, our precious animals and how I deal with people, events, challenges and fun times. I often think about our experience with Sue and Angela at Foymount Farm with an enlightened heart, mind and body. We are very grateful for Lauren’s beautiful pictures and videos! And we are very grateful for Bodo driving us from and to the Ottawa airport. Thinking of our experience with you brings many positive, fun memories and pictures of you both, Sue’s family, the horses, Eeyorea, sheep, pigs, chickens, goose, cows, goats, cats & chipmunks.

    With heartfelt gratitude,

  2. 5 out of 5


    What an amazing experience! The Magical Horses Retreat was transformative. I love horses, but I am not horse woman. This retreat really helped me connect with the horses, and myself. Sue and Angela were wonderful teachers, both with the horses and with energy work. From start to finish, everything was perfect. Bodo picked us up at the airport, and shared information regarding the history of Foymount Farm. When we arrived, we were served a wonderful dinner. Because we are vegetarian, all of the meals were customized to our preference! All of the food was fresh and delicious. Each morning and evening, we could help feed all the animals on the farm! Our days were spent working with the horses, energy work and awareness exercises. Time just flew by! 0ne day we took a break to hike to the falls and enjoyed a picnic by the lake. Lauren took pictures and videos that both enhanced our learning, and provided a wonderful souvenir of our stay.
    I really can not say enough, it was an extraordinary experience.

  3. 5 out of 5


    We had the absolute pleasure and privilege of spending a week at Foymount Farm this month. Our host Sue and her husband Bodo have a little piece of heaven in this beautiful neck of the woods and have opened it up to others to enjoy. The pace is so different from the busy 9-5 we came from that we literally exhaled shortly after our arrival.

    The main draw were the horses and the magic she seems to share with them. The herd (including four stunning Arabians) were the highlight of the week for us. Sue’s connection with and respect for them was evident from the moment we arrived. Growing up around horses I felt I knew my way around them, but she made me realize I could start all over again. The connection really does seem like magic until you start to learn from Sue just how she gets these majestic creatures to work with her. It was a breath of fresh air to see her kindness and love for her animals, not just the horses but the sheep, chickens, goats, cows and the legendary sheep donkey Eeyora!!

    As hosts they had the perfect balance of being there if we needed them but otherwise left us to feel completely at ease and right at home. Our cottage was spacious, clean and very comfortable and we had everything we needed.

    Sue was great with the kids and took the time to explain everything she was doing with the animals, their behaviours and quirks and her respect for all of them really seemed to rub off on the kids. We were all on “horse time”, nothing ever felt rushed. It was hard to leave! I would highly recommend Foymount if you want to really unwind, reset your life and reconnect with nature for a week or two!

  4. 5 out of 5


    Foymount Farm is a jewel in a country setting. The atmosphere is quiet, calm and tranquil. If you are looking for a peaceful and relaxing getaway this is it. The energy in this area of Ontario is well known for being very vibrant. Sue (the owner) makes it very inviting. In addition to many other farm animals they also have five horses and a pony. I have enjoyed many hours just being alone with them and sharing their company. I have such a wonderful connection to them now, that the last time I visited they all rushed over to greet me when I stepped through the gate. They are gentle and can be quite playful. Tia has already claimed me as her own. There is no better way to leave all your daily issues behind than to spend time just being with horses in the open air. Sue’s horses are all very healthy. It’s a great tribute to her “natural” and holistic approach to caring for and treating animals. Sue is very open and friendly. When you meet her you will quickly realize that she is easy to talk to, and very genuine. This place is well worth a visit.

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