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Day Cairo Layover Tour

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Trip at a Glance

  • Company

    Real Egypt Tours

  • Locations

    Cairo, Egypt

  • Price
    $43 USD per person
  • Duration

    10 hours

  • Avg Distance

    20 K.m

  • Departure Day(s) and Time(s)

    8 a.m starting times

  • Starting Location

    Your hotel or your stay in Cairo

  • Price Includes

    *Tour Guide fees. *Private transport in A/C private van. *Free bottled water. *Rest for lunch. *Hotel pick-up and drop-off. *all taxes.

  • Notes

    Not including: *lunch, EGP 10 per person for a take away to EGP 70 for a big meal. *Entry fees: total EGP 255 - 50% discount for children and students. *Minimum participants per booking: 2 persons.


  • Highly qualified, friendly, competent and licensed tour guide. Private tour. New model a/c private van .
  • Visit the great pyramids of Gizah, Chephren’s Valley Temple & see beautiful pink Aswan granite columns & the great Sphinx, the Guardian of the necropolis
  • Explore El Moez St & its Northern Walls & 3 Gates then see its Mosques, Sabils, Kuttabs & medieval houses which reflect the domestic Islamic architecture
  • Discover the Egyptian museum which contains the world’s premier collection of Egyptian antiquities, more than 120,000 artifacts
  • Wander in Khan El Khalili market. It is not only the largest bazaar in the near east, but also one of the richest & most interesting monumental quarters


Trip Info

Cairo layover tour (pyramids, Egyptian museum, El Moez St), a layover tour in Cairo for 10 hours.

Visit Giza pyramids, the sphinx & ride camels then visit The Egyptian Museum. Then take a rest for lunch then Explore El Moez St & its mosques & medieval houses, of Medieval Cairo and end your tour in Khan El khalili.

Pick up from your hotel at 8 am Visit Giza pyramids, the sphinx & ride camels then visit The Egyptian Museum. Then take a rest for lunch then Explore El Moez St & its mosques & medieval houses, of Medieval Cairo and end your tour in Khan El khalili. Return back to your hotel in your private conditioned car.

Giza 9 Pyramids: The Great Pyramid of Cheops (Khufu), The largest in Egypt, The oldest of the Giza Pyramids is that of the IV Dynasty pharaoh Cheops contain over 2,300,000 blocks. The second Pyramid of Chephren (Khafre), Cheops’s son (2576-2551 BC), at 136m (446 ft.) high. The third Pyramid of Mycerinus (Menkaure): Chephren’s son (2551-2523 BC), at 62m (203 ft.)High, this pyramid is the smallest of the trio. Along the 1st and 3rd pyramids’ east face, 3 small pyramids some 20m (66 FT.) high for the Queens’ Pyramids. There is no art to see inside the Great pyramid, but the experience of climbing through the ancient complicated structure is unforgettable. Then discover the Cheops Boat Museum (sun boats museum), This fascinating museum with exactly one object on display. Contained the pharaoh’s solar barque (boat), to provide transport for the pharaoh in the next world. The oldest preserved boat on planet earth. Then visit The Private tombs, While the Pyramids are undecorated, here the tombs, decorated with wonderfully detailed scenes of their daily lives.

Enjoy the Panoramic station, The best viewpoints over the Giza pyramids close together. Then go to Chephren’s Valley Temple, You approach the Sphinx through this temple; the sturdy building is filled with beautiful pink Aswan granite columns and alabaster floors. Then go to The Great Sphinx, Guardian of the necropolis? Everyone has seen pictures of the Sphinx but this legendary monument is far more impressive in real life, especially from the front, where it gazes down at you from 20 m. (66 ft.) up, with Chepren’s pyramid for a backdrop. The Sphinx 60 m. (197 ft.) long and 20m. (66ft.) width was carved from one piece of soft limestone. Then you can ride a camel or a horse near the pyramids continue your tour with visiting the Northern Waalls and 3 Gtes , the medieval Cairo was completely walled around with at least 10 huge gateways, the main northern entrances to the walled Fatimid city. Visitors may climb the ramparts, which offer one of the best available views of the area. Then visit Sabils and Kuttabs, or public fountains and Islamic elementary schools.

Islamic Cairo is dotted with odd-shaped buildings with large gilded window grilles and calligraphic panels, depicted in scores of paintings and lithographs, Nifty details include access to the cistern. Then visit the Private Houses, are masterworks of domestic architecture, the houses reflecting a high style of architecture, construction and carpentry. Designed to Islamic architectural style, Like Al-Suhaymi, Al-Khurazati, and Mostafa Gafar houses. Then visit Mosques, One of Cairo’s many epitaphs is the “City of 1,000 Minarets”.

The greatest achievements of Cairo medieval artisans was the various decorative carving of stone surfaces, Like Al-Hakim, Al-Aqmar, Al-Hussein, and Al-Mu’ayyad mosques. Then discover the Egyptian Textile Museum, is the first specialist museum in textile in the middle east and the third in the world and it has wonderful collection of textile. Discover the Egyptian museum, This museum contains the world’s premier collection of Egyptian antiquities. And the finest of its kind in the world. It would take at least a week to see all of the museum’s contents, but a brief visit can at least a glimpse into the world’s greatest repository of more than 120,000 artifacts. The cream contents date from the prehistoric period of Egypt through to the end of the Roman era. The most popular by far of the museum’s treasures are housed in the Tutankamun gallery. These remarkable artifacts from the boy-king’s tomb, discovered by Howard Carter in 1922. There are 3000 pieces, including the famous gold maskwhich is much more impressive than it looks in photographs, almost outshining anything else in the museum. Pride of the collections is the royal Mummy rooms and Animal mummy room. The museum also houses a superb collection of royal and private statuary, reliefs and paintings from all eras as well as many smaller artifacts for daily or funerary use.

Finally go to visit Khan El Khalili market (bazzar). How could a market (khan) be responsible for the founding of the United States? This vary market was responsible for developing such a stranglehold on goods moving from the Eastern world to the West, Specially, The spice markets, a monopoly controlled by Egyptian, forced explorers such as Columbus to find alternate routes for goods coming from the East. It is not only the largest bazaar in the entire near east as well as a colorful spectacle, but is also one of the richest and most interesting monumental quarters, a must for anyone visiting Cairo.

Your adventure awaits!

Real Egypt Tours

Real Egypt is officially registered as a Travel Service Company in Egypt own and operated by Samir Abbass. Samir and his friendly, highly trained team can lead you through all of Egypt, each has excellent knowledge of the places you will visit and is devoted sharing their passion for this country.

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