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Boyne Valley Tour

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Trip at a Glance

  • Company

    Boyne Valley Tours

  • Locations

    Dublin, Dublin, Ireland

  • Activities

    Car Tour, Sightseeing

  • Price
    $470 USD per trip
  • Duration

    8 hours

  • Avg Distance


  • Departure Day(s) and Time(s)

    7 days a week @ 8am

  • Starting Location


  • Price Includes

    Private tour in a luxury Audi A8 saloon car for up to 3 adults or a family of 4.

  • Notes

    Entrance charges or lunch not included in price. Private tour for up to 3 adults or a family of 4.


  • Newgrange and Brú na Bóinne Visitors Centre. Newgrange is a Stone Age monument in the Boyne Valley, County Meath, Ireland. It was built about 3200 BC during the Neolithic period, which makes it older than Stonehenge and the Egyptian pyramids. Newgrange is a large circular mound with a stone passageway and chambers inside. The mound is ringed by 'kerbstones' engraved with artwork.
  • Monasterboice - a Christian settlement founded in the 5th century. At Monasterboice there are two of the finest High Crosses (Celtic Crosses) in Ireland – the South Cross (or Cross of Muiredach) and the West Cross (or Tall Cross) – which date from the 9th century. The sandstone crosses are finely carved and depict biblical scenes from the Old and New Testaments. Today the image of the High Cross is recognised internationally, not merely as a religious icon but also as a symbol of Irish cultural heritage.
  • The Hill of Tara is ceremonial site associated with kingship rituals. From the time of the first Gaelic influence until the Norman invasion in the 12th Century, the Hill of Tara was Ireland's political and spiritual capital. The King of Tara represented a very old ideal of sacred kingship in Ireland, imbued with mythical aura. Many Kings of Tara were also High Kings of Ireland. The summit of the hill is enclosed by a Iron Age enclosure known as the Fort of the Kings. There are two interlinked earthworks within the enclosure, Cormac's House and the Royal Seat. In the middle of the Royal Seat is a standing stone known as the Lia Fáil (Stone of Destiny) at which the High Kings were crowned. According to legend when the true King held the stone, it would let out a screech that could be heard all over Ireland.
  • Trim Castle is the largest Anglo-Norman castle in Ireland, it was built by Hugh de Lacy when he was granted the Liberty of Meath by King Henry II in 1172. Construction of the massive three storied Keep, the central stronghold of the castle, was begun in 1176 on the site of an earlier wooden fortress. This massive twenty-sided tower, which is cruciform in shape, was protected by a ditch, curtain wall and moat. Trim Castle was the location for King John's Castle in the film 'Braveheart' the 1995 historical drama directed by and starring Mel Gibson.
  • Bective Abbey on the banks of the River Boyne was a Cistercian abbey founded in 1147 by Murchard O’Melaghlin, King of Meath as a 'daughter house' of Mellifont Abbey. It was an abbey of importance as the Abbot was a spiritual lord and sat in the Parliament of the Pale. In 1195 the headless body of Hugh de Lacy (the Anglo-Norman Lord of Meath who built Trim Castle) was reinterred at the Abbey, his head going to St. Thomas' Abbey, Dublin (the head and body were later reunited and reinterred in St. Thomas' in Dublin).


Trip Info

This is a Private Tour for up to 3 adults or a family of 4. I can pick you up at your accommodation or cruise Ship. All tours are personalized so the route can be changed to suit your preferences in advance or on the day. Some of the things we can see include: Brú na Bóinne Visitors Centre and Newgrange; Monasterboice – Irish Round Tower and Celtic High Crosses, Hill of Tara – seat of the High Kings of Ireland, Bective Abbey – Cistercian Abbey founded in 1150, and Trim Castle – the largest Anglo-Norman castle in Ireland.

Your adventure awaits!

Boyne Valley Tours

Boyne Valley Tours offers private day tours of the Boyne Valley, an area rich in heritage and history. Places to visit include Brú na Bóinne (Newgrange & Knowth), Hill of Slane, Hill of Tara, Monasterboice, Old Mellifont Abbey, Bective Abbey, Trim Castle, Loughcrew, Fourknocks, Kells, St Ciarán's Holy Well and much more.

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