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Algeria Desert Tour

  • Company Website

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Trip at a Glance

  • Company

    Tinariwen Tours

  • Locations

    Djanet, Illizi Province, Algeria

  • Activities

    Adventure, Archeological Tour, Desert Tour, Sightseeing

  • Price
    Custom Price
  • Duration

    8 days

  • Departure Day(s) and Time(s)

    As arranged with the guide

  • Starting Location

    Djanet Airport

  • Notes

    The weight of your baggage must not exceed 20 kg, non-rigid travel bag not to hurt the carrier animals, very strong travel bag in canvas, marine-type bag or tote, sleeping Bag (mountains from December to February type) and cloth bag, llinen or cotton clothing(long-sleeved shirts for sun), a sweater and / or a warm jacket for the evenings, good shoes and comfortable sandals or sneakers, wide-brimmed hat, sunglasses, protective sunscreen, gourde, flashlight (extra batteries), kit and towels, your personal antidiarrheal drugs, aspirin, bandages, etc., a small bag will be useful. Water bottle and camera, luggage is easily accessible throughout the day.


  • Discover the amazing open-air museum, riddled with rock, and only accessible to hikers.
  • Discover Djabaren, known as one of the richest archeological sanctuaries in the world.
  • Explore the Algerian desert and the Tassili N'Ajjer range, led by a Tuareg guide.

Trip Info

South of the Tassli N’Ajjer range lies an amazing network of sand, canyons, peaks and arches. This 8 day desert tour takes you on a journey of exploration through this amazing open-air museum on foot, aided by donkeys and your Tuareg guide! Visit the Tassli Frescoes and see the amazing archeological sites set amongst sandstone walls rising up to 20 meters high. This tour consists of approximately 5-6 hours of trekking each day.

Day 1: Djanet – Akba Taffelelet
You will be picked up at the airport, and transferred to Akba Taffelelet, the starting point of your trek. Meet your mule team, spend the night at the camp, and prepare for your desert adventure!

Day 2: Taffelelet РTamrit
We will begin our trek starting in the early morning. We will set up camp in the afternoon, and then walk through the forest of stone. Sneak through narrow sand corridors which snake between sandstone colums 10-20 meters high. We will then visit the rock paintings and engravings. The Grand Canyon and the Tamrit Valley tell a story of a time when the Tassili enjoyed a Mediterranean climate.

Day 3: Tamrit – Otomem Tom – Tin Tazaref
The plateau itself acts as an amazing museum. This trek explores the chaotic maze through these stone cities. Stroll past the rock painting sites depicting hunting, herding of cows, and various gods.

Day 4: Tin Tazaref – Sefar – Sefar White
Trek through a maze of bizarre sandstone towers which were sculpted over many years by the wind. Trek through a stone forest and visit the famous White Sefar site. The Tassli men met here during all periods, and their artistic expression is still visible. Cattle, sheep, antelopes, divine representations, and humans are displayed all over the walls. We will pay particular attention to the famous frescoes of the “God of Prayerful.”

Day 5: Sefar Black – Tirresoutine
Visit the famous site Sefar Black and discover the great God Orantes. You will also find works of the Bovidian time. Afterwards, continue to Tiressouten, where you will camp overnight.

Day 6: Tirresoutine – Aladoumen
Cross the plateau of Aladoumen, where you will learn about a few types of paintings you have not yet seen. Also, find the same paintings that the bovidien pasters used to achieve frescoes of ocher shale.

Day 7: Aladoumen – Djabaren
Djabaren is renowned for being one of the richest archeological sanctuaries in the world. With more than 5,000 paintings and engravings, this sanctuary reflects on the presence of more than 12 different civilizations over the course of history. In essence, it provides the history of the prehistoric Sahara.

Day 8: Djabaren – Djanet
After descending from the shelf, you will meet with the vehicles which initially transferred you from Djanet. We will visit Do Ajjers, shower, and then depart to the dunes of Erg Admer. We will then transfer you to the Djanet Airport.

Your adventure awaits!

Tinariwen Tours

We offer tours of the Algeria Desert, normally lasting between one and two weeks. We also offer customizable tours created according to your preferences. We have a profound knowledge of the Algerian Desert, and offer hiking, camel, or 4x4 vehicle tours. All of our guides are highly knowledgeable and experienced.

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