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Aday-Medieval Islamic Cairo

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Trip at a Glance

  • Company

    Real Egypt Tours

  • Locations

    Cairo, Egypt

  • Activities

    Architectural Tour, Sightseeing

  • Price
    $43 USD per person
  • Duration

    10 hours

  • Avg Distance

    2 k.m

  • Departure Day(s) and Time(s)

    10 a.m starting times

  • Starting Location

    Your hotel or your stay in Cairo

  • Price Includes

    *Tour Guide fees. *Private transport in A/C private van. *Free bottled water. *Rest for lunch. *Hotel pick-up and drop-off. *all taxes.

  • Notes

    Not including: *lunch, EGP 10 per person for a take away to EGP 70 for a big meal. *Entry fees: total EGP 160 - 50% discount for children and students. *Minimum participants per booking: 2 persons.


  • Highly qualified, friendly, competent and licensed tour guide. Private tour. New model a/c private van .
  • Visit Northern Walls & 3 Gates which offer one of the best available views. Visit Sabils & Kuttabs which used as a public fountains & Islamic schools.
  • Explore the Private Houses which reflect the domestic Islamic architecture & Wikalas which used as the caravanserais and merchants’ inn
  • Visit a lot of Mosques like Al-Hakim, Al-Aqmar, Al-Hussein. Stop at Inal Public Bath & Khan Al-Khalili markets then enter the Egyptian Textile Museum
  • Visit Khanqahs which was a monastery for the Sufis then wander at Al-Azhar Mosque and university. Visit Synagogues & Churches like Saint Mary Churhe


Trip Info

Enjoy a day tour at Al-Muizz st. Visit Northern Walls, Sabils, Al-Suhaymi House, Wikalas, Mosques, & Madrasas, Mausoleums, Khanqahs, The Funerary Complexes, Al-Azhar Mosque & university, Bashtak Palace, Textile Museum, Khan Al-Khalili, churches, Synagogues.

Islamic Cairo became the imperial capital of Egypt since 969 AD, by conquering Fatimid dynasty; later dynasties recycled the earlier monuments, constructing their own displays of grandeur complexes, to represent Cairo’s largest open-air museum of Islamic and medieval monuments with a synagogues and couple of churches.

Visit the Northern Walls and 3 Gates, the medieval Cairo was completely walled around with huge gateways. Visitors may climb the ramparts, which offer one of the best available views of the area. Then visit Sabils and Kuttabs, or public fountains and Islamic elementary school, Like Mohamed Ali, Abdel-Rahman Katkhuda and Al-silhdar sabilsand Kuttabs. Then visit Private Houses, which are masterworks of domestic architecture, the houses reflecting a high style of architecture, Designed to Islamic architectural style, The interior of the house was rich with exquisite decorations, Like Al-Suhaymi, Al-Khurazati, and Mostafa Gafar houses. Then go to Wikalas (caravanserais and merchants’ inn) in the medieval city, all were built to the same plan, Like Bazara and Al-Ghouri wikalas.

Discover mosques, One of Cairo’s many epitaphs is the “City of 1,000 Minarets”. The greatest achievements of Cairo medieval artisans was the various decorative carving of stone surfaces. Like Al-Hakim, Al-Aqmar, Al-Hussein, and Al-Mu’ayyad mosques. Then go to Mosques and Madrasas, where law and theology were taught. Like Qalawun, Al- Ghouri and Barquqmadrasas. Then visit Mausoleums, is a particularly intricate assemblage of inlaid stone and stucco, patterned with stars and floral motifs and lit by stained-glass windows. Like Nagm al-din Ayyub, Al- Ghouri, Barquq, and Qalawun complexes. Then visit Khanqahs, was a sort of monastery or lodge for the Sufis, who espoused in the mystic, like Al- Ghouri and Barquq complexes. Then visit The Religious and Funerary Complexes, which includes a number of structures beside the Mosque may not be found attached together. Like Qalawun, Al- Ghouri and Barquq complexes.

Visit Al-Azhar Mosque and university, Al-Azhar is one of Cairo’s earlier mosques, was established here in AD 988, growing into a university that is the world’s second-oldest educational institution then go to see Bashtak Palace, starting with an impressive reception hall, complete with a marble floor and inlaid paneling, then its beautiful Qaa (chamber). Then go to Inal Public Bath, or (Hammam) which had performed a healthy function beside entertaining, close in design to the Roman baths with high technique designs. Then discover the Local Markets, One stretch of the street is occupied by local and industrial markets like Carpet, Clothes, Tentmakers, fezzes, food, Coppersmiths, Spices, Antiques, and Khan Al-Khalili markets. Then wander the Egyptian Textile Museum, is the first specialist museum in textile in the middle east and the third in the world and it has wonderful collection of textile.

Visit Synagogues, Located in the Jewish quarter. There were 13 Synagogues, but survived today 3 Synagogues (Moses Ibn Maimon, Abu Haimm Kabousy, and Bar Youhay) but it is not open to the public. Then visit Churches like Saint Mary Church, which is a Coptic Orthodox church, The church was used as the Seat of the Coptic Orthodox Pope of Alexandria & The church of the Virgin Mary, is known as the “Lower Church”, because it sits about 5 meters (16 ft.) below ground level, (was probably founded in the 10th century). Unfortunately, the church was destroyed in 1321, but when it was rebuilt. The Church of Saint George, known as the “Upper Church”, which sits atop the Church of the Virgin Mary. The Church of Saint Mercurius: built in the late 1700s.

Your adventure awaits!

Real Egypt Tours

Real Egypt is officially registered as a Travel Service Company in Egypt own and operated by Samir Abbass. Samir and his friendly, highly trained team can lead you through all of Egypt, each has excellent knowledge of the places you will visit and is devoted sharing their passion for this country.

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