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7 Days of Nature Wonders

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Trip at a Glance

  • Company

    Experience Romania

  • Locations


  • Price
    $2400 USD per trip
  • Duration

    7 days

  • Departure Day(s) and Time(s)

    As arranged with Guide

  • Starting Location

    As arranged

  • Price Includes

    - 6 nights accommodation, 2 meals/day, licenced guide fee, entrance fees, transportation. The price is for 4 person group size. For different group size, please inquire for a customized tour quote.

  • Notes

    IMPORTANT: The program can be altered on the spot, depending on weather conditions and other relevant aspects such as the physical condition of the participants. Trip price is for 4 people.


  • Apuseni Natural Park
  • Galbenei Gorges
  • Fortresses of Ponor
  • Scarisoara Ice Cave
  • Vartop Glacier Cave


Trip Info

Day 1: We are heading from Arad to Glavoi Meadow, the heart of Apuseni Natural Park, where we’ll embark on short walk to one of the most beautiful places in Apuseni, a karst plateau called Lumea Pierduta(The Lost World).
We’ll see some of the most impressive vertical caves in the area: Avenul Gemanata, Avenul Pionierilor, Avenul Acoperit.
Day 2: Today you’re in for an 8 hour adventure called Galbenei Gorges Circuit. Why adventure, you ask? Well, because you will visit Focul Viu ice cave (The Living Fire) – you will see why it is called like that, then cross the wild and spectacular Galbenei Gorges, through water! Oh, and the crossing through the Gorges is done on cables…which will make this even more adventurous! At the end of the gorges you’ll have a beautiful surprise.
It ain’t over until it’s over, so we’ve saved the best for last: the vertical Bortig Ice Cave, 54 m deep and 34 m wide! Just imagine how it’s like to stand near it and look down…
If you think this day was full…check out the next one.
Day 3: La piece de resistance for today is the famous Cetatile Ponorului Circuit (Fortresses of Ponor). Shorter than the route that we had yesterday, this circuit is more solicitating and full of adrenaline. The surprizes keep on coming.
First, we’ll pay a visit to the place called Balcoane(The Balconies), amazing viewpoints from where you see the impressive walls that guard the entrance of Cetatile Ponorului Cave.
Speaking of surprises, check out the next one. It will ROCK your little socks off!
We’re in for a steep descent on slippery rock, but it will all be worth it because soon we will find ourselves near the entrance of the cave. After that, we’ll cross the cave for almost an hour, making our way through big boulders and water.The cave is crossed by a river, which makes it flow over huge boulders, offering an interesting view. Not to mention the small waterfalls formed inside the cave… a real natural show with natural spot lights.
Just when you thought it was over…think again. The exit of the cave is followed by a short climb on cables and soon we’ll be facing the impressive portal of the cave which is 74 m high. This makes it the biggest portal in Romania! That’s the way to end a day!

Day 4: This area is called Padis, so we have to visit the Padis plateau. Today we have a beautiful journey through mountains, beautiful meadows with horses, cows. At Padis, some peasants, shepperds, will wait for us with cheese, pies, milk and a warm smile.

Day 5: Garda de Sus is one of Apuseni’s most remote areas. And yes, that’s where we are going today. Here, we’ll visit the famous Scarisoara Ice Cave and the glacier inside it, the first block of ice, underground, in size, from Romania, and the second, in the world. While we descend through the vertical entrance of the cave, we start to feel the low temperature. Don’t forget to put on your jackets and to enjoy the miracle of nature!
The day ends with a rewarding rest in Garda de Sus, with photo sessions and impressions from the day that just passed.

Day 6: Today we’ll go deeper inside the world of Apuseni until we reach the Casa de Piatra(Stone House) hamlet, a remote place that seems to be drawn by a painter’s careful hand. You will forget completely about the everyday life from the city. Instead, you will discover the basic and peaceful life from the countryside.
Nearby we will find Ghetarul Vartop Cave, another protected nature monument. Every inch of it is covered with beautiful coloured concretions that will mesmerize you.
In the evening we’ll return to the beautiful village of Garda, after a long but rewarding day.
Day 7: It is the last day, but it ain’t over ‘til it’s over. On our way, we have two stops: first stop will be at Groapa Ruginoasa (The Rusty Hole), which is an unique phenomenon. We’ll be impressed of the huge hole formed by the nature. The second stop will be at Patrahaitesti village. We are going to visit our friend Paraschiva, a lady who plays a traditional instrument called “tulnic”. You’ll see that’s quite impressive…

The beautiful journey in Apuseni Mountains ends but it leaves us with beautiful memories and pictures of a fairylike realm. A realm of stories and wonders of nature.

Your adventure awaits!

Experience Romania

Experience Romania invites you to discover Romania through tailor made trips in wild areas with unspoiled landscapes. Our programs include trekking tours all over the country, with visits at old churches, photography in long forgotten but pitoresque villages and many more. Our portofolio offers a wide range of programs meant to show you the beautiful and spectacular Romania. The programs/tours are suitable for all tastes and ages, and can range from easy to difficult. As nature lovers, we strongly believe that diversity and the rural aspects should play a key role in our activity, hence our tours are centered around life in mountain village and legends and traditions. Whatever your flavour is, you will enjoy an unforgettable experience.

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