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4x4 South Tour Boa Vista

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Trip at a Glance

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  • Locations

    Sal Rei, Boa Vista, Cape Verde

  • Activities

    4WD Tour, Adventure

  • Price
    Custom Price
  • Duration

    Full Day

  • Departure Day(s) and Time(s)


  • Starting Location

    Sal Rei, Boa Vista


  • Viana's Desert
  • Saint Monica's Beach
  • Varandinha's Beach
  • The Old Village


Trip Info

Visit deserts, beaches and an old traditional village on this 4×4 tour of Boa Vista on the Cape Verde.

Viana’s Desert: Boa Vista, Sal and Maio are the three islands of Cape Verde closest to the African continent (around 450 Km) and therefore they receive part of the sand from the Sahara which comes with the wind (sand storms) and sea.

It is in the northeast of Boa Vista where we find the greatest extension of white sand dunes of Cape Verde. With approximately 9 km of white sand dunes which is always moving because of the wind, Viana`s desert looks like a “blanket” that accepts only a few Acacias and Palm trees keeping them alive all the time by grace of her humidity.

People say that 50 years ago Viana`s desert was virgin of sands and only began to receive sand after they built the wall around the bay of Cabo Santa Maria beach to prevent the entry of sand in the island. Viana`s desert inspires adventure or romanticism, because it makes us feel free free as a children.

Santa Monica’s Beach: With approximately 18 km of white sand, Santa Monica`s Beach is considered the most beautiful beach of Cape Verde and the 5th in the world. It was initially named Portuguese Porto because it was the first place discovered by Diogo Afonso and A. Noli. There are no buildings on Santa Monica`s beach, only ruins of the old fishing community that was destroyed by pirate attacks.

It has perfect conditions for Sea Turtles, seabirds, land and sea crabs, many species of fish, corals etc. It makes us think “the paradise exists.”

Varandinha’s Beach: One more wonderful beach which has caves large enough to dream with hidden treasures. The rock mass located in Varandinha`s Beach overlooking the horizon gives us three caves. The most famous is called Bracona and it is the symbol of the beach, depending on the season we can camp inside to hide from the blazing sun throughout the year. It is a protected beach due to the abundance of turtles in the spawning season. It is also famous for land and sea birds that are endangered (the case of the famous bird “Rabojunto”).

Depending on the season we can find the famous Espargos flower which only exists in Cape Verde.

The Old Village: Established in 1620 by a group of Englishmen who began extracting salt. They made a significant contribution to an improvement in the economy of the island. Boa Vista was growing stronger and stronger every year and soon became an import cultural centre of the archipelago.

Unfortunately that did attract pirates.

From 1815-1817 Boa Vista has suffered an invasion of pirates. To protect themselves they built the fort Duke of Braganca in Sal Rei village.

The Old Village welcomes everyone with a warm heart and is full of unique people who are always happy to help.

Your adventure awaits!


Created for those that do not want to spend their holidays in a hotel, for those that would like to experience smell and taste their holiday destination. For those that wish to Live every moment of their holidays and discover the best Boa Vista has to offer. “Pegadas” is the Cape Verde word for Footprint. And as such, we would like you to Live every footprint you leave on the Island.

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