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TheTraveler Organize and share your memories with The Traveler App

The Traveler app was created to help capture, organize and share your travel memories. The app follows your every step; you can pin notes, photos, sketches, audio clips and more to points on your journey. Use the “Guides Nearby” to find tour guides in a specific location or close to your current location.

Available in android from Google Play.

 Latitude Let your phone be the guide with The Latitude App

Let your phone be your guide. Choose from hundreds of tours in the city of your choice and listen to a professional tour guide tell you about the sights. Unlike large group tours, you can go at your own pace and skip sights that you are not interested in to tailor to your vacation plans. Avoid data charges by downloading in advance and listening offline.

Available on iTunes and Google Play.

 BrizeoConnect with others at home and abroad with the Brizeo App

Brizeo is an activity based social app to connect people at home and abroad. Brizeo combines the best features of individual apps under one platform. For example, you can upload pictures and videos directly to your profile, there is an Instagram-like wall, you can add the countries you’ve visited as a travel log, and send pictures, videos, and maps through the chat function. Last, there is an invite feature that will reward you for inviting other people to download Brizeo. This will be automatically tracked to invitation.

Brizeo will match users based off the criteria and interest categories they select.  Interest categories include: Share Travel Costs, Touring/Excursions, and Advice/Ideas.  Simply fill out your search criteria and include a bio with more personal information.

How it works

Below are examples of how people can be matched to you:

  1. If you and another person are both in the same location i.e. New York and both searching in New York, you can match;
  2. If you  and another person are in different locations but both searching the same location, you can match;
  3. Additionally, users can like pictures posted to the Moments wall. The global feed is listed under the “All” section in Moments. If a user likes one of your pictures, his/her match card will come up in your queue regardless of location. This helps expand the community and pool of potential matches.

The app allows users to not only meet people once they are in a certain location, but also provide a means to meet other travelers or locals before they arrive in a desired city.

Travel Rewards

TheTopTravelClub Enjoy member-only prices and perks with The Top Travel Club

Travel the world, stay at great hotels and eat at great restaurants. The Top Travel Club offers thousands of savings, discounts and special member-only prices for travel, shopping and leisure activities. GuideAdvisor members save 50% on a Family Membership in The Top Travel Club.


logo Canadian Traveller is sharing the love with GuideAdvisor subscribers

Canadian Traveller offers a Canadian perspective of how Canadians travel…because we feel we travel differently then the rest of the world. Our stories stimulate the travel bug within and prompt the question Where Next? Whether it be a weekend drive over the border, a romantic tropical getaway, a family vacation abroad or a bucket-list journey to Africa, our editorial captures the essence of the Canadian experience.

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