See The Best Views In The Galaxy From Yellowstone

There’s one particular thing about being in the middle of the wilderness that really, really makes it all worthwhile: a starry sky, without any sort of light-pollution. Okay, so the Northern Lights are pretty high up there too.

This video comes straight out of Yellowstone National Park. And it really is a sight to behold. The filmmaker who took this video says that when you’re out there in park and the cloud cover is minimal, you’re treated to one of the BEST views of the galaxy. “I was lucky to time my trip around a new moon,” she says.

The green, blue, and purple colours that pop up in the sky throughout the video are apparently called “airglow.”  If you want to get out there in the middle of nowhere to experience the same skies, but you’re too inexperienced to go it alone, consider hiring a guide to take you. They’ll be able to show you the ropes, and you’ll have some peace of mind knowing you’re in good hands.

Guides worldwide will tell you that when it comes to adventure travel, being with someone experienced is a safety necessity! And seriously, you do NOT want to miss out on a good time in Yellowstone. From grizzly bears to alpine lakes, you could spend weeks within the park and not see it all. Did you know that Yellowstone is home to half the world’s geysers? Yep. That one alone is a good enough reason to visit.

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  • Sal

    I’m sorry, did you mean Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming, or Yosemite National Park, California?

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