10 of the Coolest Metros in the World

Let’s face it. Traveling can be expensive. In a major city – you can either spend your money doing interesting things, or you can spend a lot of it just getting to the places where you can do the interesting things.  The dollars, euros, or pesos you spend on transportation can really add up if you rely exclusively on taxis or tuk-tuks – some of whom aren’t the most honest of folk when they say the know a “shortcut.” Unlike in the US where statistics indicate the lowest use of public transportation systems anywhere, in the rest world it is commonly accepted as the main means of getting around. With traffic coming to a virtual standstill daily in every major city worldwide, the metro (or subway) is almost always the fastest way to whip from one place to the next. And what’s more, you’ll get to mix with the locals up close and personal. 

Besides, if you don’t check out these coolest metros in the world, you’ll be missing out big time. In recent polls of travelers and guides alike, these urban meccas consistently ranked highly for the architecture, the artistry or simply the uniqueness of their metro stops – including popular travel destinations like Paris, Santiago, Naples, Shanghai and Stockholm (which rates a couple of entries on the list). Also in the top 10 for aesthetics we found Moscow, St. Petersburg, Dubai, and Munich.  And last, but certainly not least, don’t miss checking out the sleek and ultra-modern Canary Wharf in London or the kaleidoscope spectacle of the Formosa Boulevard stop in Kaohsiung City, Taiwan.

Getting to the right spot to start your guided tour couldn’t be easier in these traveler friendly cities, and you’ll be saving a few of those precious travel dollars to boot. (For more about the Paris underground specifically, check out our article about that city’s underbelly.)

Kaohsiung City, Taiwan

Khalid Bin Al Waleed Station, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Komsomolskaya, Moscow, Russia

Palais Royal, Paris, France

Canary Wharf, London, England

Universidad de Chile, Santiago, Chile

Solna Centrum, Stockholm, Sweden

T-Centralen, Stockholm, Sweden

Westfriedhof, Munich, Germany

Toledo, Naples, Italy

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