Get to Know Tiziana Gargaro: Guiding the Most Touristed City in the World

One of the biggest perks of hiring a city tour guide is tapping into valuable knowledge from a local – and they don’t get much more local than Tiziana Gargaro. Born and raised in Rome, Tiziana knows the city intimately and with over a decade of tourism experience under her belt, she’ll take you to hidden gems that impress even the most fastidious travelers. Tiziana took some time out of her day to answer a few questions and explain how her tour guiding company Divine Rome came to be.
Tiziana (front and centre) has been showcasing Rome's highlights for over 10 years
Tiziana (front and centre) has been showcasing Rome's highlights for over 10 years
Hi Tiziana, tell us when you first became fascinated with Roman culture and history?

I have been intrigued by history since I was a child. When I started school I remember being infatuated with all of the pictures of statues, paintings and old civilizations in my books.

How did your love for culture, history and architecture progress from a hobby to something that you have based your career on?

Living in Rome has had a large part to play. Roman citizens are constantly surrounded by history and art – there are literally hundreds of monuments around the city. I was curious to know how it was all created and I’ve managed to create a job which focuses on that.

How did you find yourself in the business of tour guiding?

I had a few friends who were tour guides when I was living in Spain, and I figured that I could be a tour guide in my home city; Rome. I also wanted to practice the two languages I have learned over the years. I was able to speak English when I lived in England and Spanish when I lived in Spain, so I decided that working with tourists would allow me to hone my language skills in Rome.

How did you go about setting up your tour company, Divine Rome?

The internet was crucial in creating the company because the web is so important these days. Travelers look online to find the right vacation, so I figured that I would have to set the company up online to boost its exposure. The important thing was to have a name that would catch the attention of tourists, which is how the name Divine Rome came into the picture.

Was it difficult getting started?

It’s difficult to find clients because new customers don’t know me personally. Reviews make all the difference!

What would you consider to be your greatest career highlight?

I don’t really think about my career that way. At the moment I’m just enjoying my job.

What does a typical day look like for you?

I get up early and walk and talk for 8-9 hours. I also meet so many different people. It’s the perfect combination.

What is the best part of your job?

Sharing culture, history and ideas with my clients.

Tiziana's most popular itinerary is the Sistine Chapel and Vatican Museum tour
Tiziana's most popular itinerary is the Sistine Chapel and Vatican Museum tour
What is the best tour you’ve led?

Each tour is better than the next.

Any bizarre experiences?

Nothing odd has happened yet, thankfully.

Any downsides to being a tour guide?

I love my job, but I don’t really enjoy sacrificing my free times and weekends.

Are there any questions which travelers should ask their guide before they go on a tour?

Nothing in particular, but they should be aware that most of my tours are walking tours.

What elements are essential to make a good tour happen?

Ultimately the main goal is to keep clients interested. That’s the key to success!

And finally, if you could travel anywhere in the world where would you go?

I would definitely travel to Australia. It is a big country with lots of nature and plenty of fun things to do.

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