What Happens when American Kids try Breakfasts from Around the World

Recently I traveled to Japan, and while I was all over the fresh fish, fragrant rice, and beautifully-seasoned vegetable dishes, after a week, I was more than ready to swap out the salmon and seaweed breakfasts for some good ol’ sugary granola. Fish and greens may be heart-healthy — the Japanese don’t maintain bodies like well-oiled machines for no reason — but an American’s got to have some sugary goodness, and the kids in this video wouldn’t argue else wise.

Food tour guides around the world love the following video — who hasn’t been in similar positions as these kids when it comes to tasting exotic foods — and so will you; their faces when putting the likes of kimchi (fermented vegetables hailing from Korea) and century eggs (or pickled eggs that, according to one child, smell like a portable toilet) to their unsuspecting tongues is priceless.

But while food tour guides can empathize with these youngsters (and also take you to where you can find such foreign delicacies), heritage-history tour guides can share with you the reasoning behind why certain cultures have adopted certain eating habits. For example, rice and fish are consumed profusely in Japan (breakfast included) because the island is fertile territory for rice-growing, and it’s surrounded by oceans brimming with sea creatures.

Awesome food tour guides and heritage-history tour guides aside, here’s a short video to brighten your day. Note the child who thinks coffee (something kids in Brazil commonly consume with breakfast) “tastes like cow poop.”

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