What Does Snowboarding Mean to You?

The winter season is upon us, and for many of us, it’s been around for awhile now. For those of you fleeing south for the holiday season…please pack me in your suitcase.

I have so much admiration for people who actually love winter sports. I’ve attempted downhill skiing twice now, both times with an instructor, and was so hopeless that even the instructor gave up on me. By the end of the lesson, I took off my skis and walked down the mountain. I hated it.

So when I see guys like these tearing up the mountainside like it’s the easiest, most natural thing in the world – I get a little jealous. How do they do it so effortlessly? (I know, I know. Tons and tons of practice…and apparently no fear of heights whatsoever.)

The video titled “Northern Exposure” by Pirmin Juffinger and Karsten Boysen shows a group of snowboarding friends jaunting off into the Norwegian wilderness to take on the snow. I think it’s the most fun snowboarding video I’ve ever seen; the guys are having a ridiculously good time. I like seeing the less serious side of things.

Juffinger and Boysen agree it’s all about the good times:

Ask any pro rider (any snowboarder at all) about what they love most about snowboarding, and there are two answers that you’ll hear time and time again. “Having fun with your friends!” they’ll tell you, like it’s the first time anyone ever thought of it. “Being in the mountains, surrounded by nature!” they’ll tell you on the chairlift, doing another lap of the snow park.

If you want your own Norway adventure it doesn’t have to be limited to just snowboarding or skiing. Nope, there’s dogsledding, hiking, ice climbing, kayaking, and yes, even diving. And if you can’t do Norway, there are plenty of other snow adventures around the world. Me, I’ll stick next to the fire in the chalet with a good book.

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