How to Inspire Your Inner Photographer

GuideAdvisor is proud of its many incredibly talented photography tour guides, and we’re excited that you, as travellers, have the opportunity to snap away at beautiful scenery alongside them. For example, Karl-Ivar Ingebrigtsen will take you on a photography tour of the Northern Lights in Norway using all sorts of high-quality cameras, Alfonso Calero will assist you in taking professional-grade photos of Australian landmarks on his Melbourne and Sydney Photography Tours, and Saba Alhadi, the founder of Boston’s first photo tour company and author of several photography books, will take you on guided photography trips to the city’s historic neighborhoods, such as the iconic Back Bay and Beacon Hill. But if you’ve been there, done that in Norway, Australia, and Boston, listed below are some more phenomenal photo tours to check out.

To help inspire your inner photographer, we’ve also included a video at the end of this blog that showcases surf photographer Clark Little. He proves that taking good photographs is a matter of practice and patience, and that’s one of the reasons why photography tour guides are so useful. When you watch the video and learn that Clark started out taking photos in the ocean with a point-and-shoot camera covered by a cheap waterproof case and now creates phenomenal images that have gained international recognition, you’ll be inspired to hire a photography guide ASAP to take you to equally beautiful photo spots. We at GuideAdvisor encourage you to follow through with that inspiration; the photographs you take on guided tours alongside professional photographers will leave you with lasting memories.

    • Ian Hardy‘s Westminster Walk that, under the guidance of a man who has worked in photography for the past 17 years, teaches you all the knacks to good photography (as well as photography basics, like white balance and focus points), and wraps up with assisting you in taking an impressive panoramic shot of London’s Houses of Parliament.
    • Jeannette De Wyze‘s Photographic Treasure Hunt in San Diego, California, that takes you to snap photos of the area’s renowned redwood and giant sequoia trees, as well as butterflies at a butterfly garden that has a scandalous past!

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