Take A Walk Around The World

I am utterly convinced that the only true way to get to know a place is by spending considerable time with your boots on the ground and at a top speed of less than 3 miles an hour; in other words, by walking. In this fast paced, got to get here and there and back again at the speed of light world we city dwellers live in, it just makes sense to slow it right down when you travel, and to immerse ourselves wherever we have chosen to land.

When you walk you are truly connected to the earth, and the slow gait of our typical human amble allows us to drink in all the sights, sounds and smells that cement a travel experience into our sense memory in a way that no other method of getting around can. Also, getting off my butt helps to burn off a few of those tasty local confections I’m known to indulge in. (Maybe you have this weakness too?)

Our informal office poll of die-hard foot soldiers elicited this list of best cities for walking (in no particular order): New York City, Budapest, Paris, Venice, Prague, Cape Town, Vienna, Tokyo and MarrakechExperienced guides are ready to show you why these pedestrian friendly cities made the cut.

Nighttime walking tours are a safe and simple way to get out and about to see what happens after dark in the urban landscape without worry. During the day, learning about the heritage and history of an area and bathing in the architectural beauty of some of the world’s premier walking cities will have you so entertained you won’t even notice you’re well on your way to sporting a nasty blister… so bring water and sunscreen, wear sensible shoes, and layer your clothes so you can enjoy every second in comfort.

Bottom line – on a walking tour you get warmth, humor, stories told with spontaneity, new fellow travelers to bond with, and you are instantly in touch with a friendly knowledgeable local guide who will make sure you have all the insider info you need.

In this clever short film, postcard images are used to help document one man’s journey through 12 countries in 8 months. Thousands of miles. Dozens of postcards. One long walk. Enjoy!

What’s your favorite foreign city for taking in the sights on a long leisurely walk?

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