This Video Will Put Morocco on Your Bucket List

From the people who brought you the magical “Watchtower of Turkey video“, comes its stunning counterpart: “Watchtower of Morocco.” Leonardo Dalessandri has done it again, this time with jaw-dropping images from Marrakech, Essaouira, Fes el Bali, and Casablanca. The background “Grand Pianola Music” by John Adams helps set the dramatic mood that Dalessandri seems to be so fond of. But who can blame him – Morocco appears to be all drama.

While this video takes you through the Moroccan experience in quick glimpses, Morocco guides will allow you to slow down to become REALLY immersed in the country. If you ever wanted to explore the streets and bazaars of the capital city, some local guides in Marrakech will take you there. Some may argue that the heart of Morocco is outside the city life, though. Whether it’s an adventurous desert tour in Fes or a guided adventure tour in Casablanca, believe it or not, you CAN recreate this video! (We wouldn’t exactly recommend you go tramping around in the desert alone though.)

Much of this video revolves around capturing the faces of Morocco, which makes sense considering Moroccans are famous for their friendly hospitality. Dalessandri features Moroccan traditional lifestyles, whether it includes a busy motorway, a hardworking elderly gent repairing fishing nets, or the colourful ports of Essaouira. Morocco is also one of the most diverse countries in Africa, thanks to its many terrains of mountains and deserts. Its people also reflect all manner of backgrounds, including Arabs and Berbers.

Sure, Morocco can be a thronging mess of chaos and noise, but it’s the small pockets of pleasure and life that really matter. We’re pretty sure after watching this video, you’ll be scouring the internet for flight deals and Morocco guides!

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