One Man Tours the World. Follow his Lead.

After quitting his job, Kien Lam packed his bags, grabbed his camera, bought a one-way ticket from San Francisco to London, and decided to do what many only dream of: travel the world. Seventeen countries later, Lam put together a time lapse so good it was even featured on CNN. He grips his audience through stunning shots of London, Paris, Portugal, Granada, Malaga, Tarifa, Marrakech, Fes, the Sahara Desert, Casablanca, Cairo, the Nile River, Istanbul, the White and Black Deserts, Japan and more.

On his website, Lam notes some highlights of his adventure, including standing at ancient wonders of the world, like Stonehenge in England and an old Roman amphitheater in Jordan, as well as scuba diving in the Red Sea (a location he claims is perfect for beginners, owing to the temperate water) and trekking the jungle trail to Machu Picchu. And not to be missed is what he has to say about the Dead Sea: first, don’t go in if you have cuts – every one of them will sting – and second, you really do float like a ballon in there, which makes it an experience not to be missed.

The good news: all these adventures can be yours too!

The even better news: experienced guides are ready and waiting to accompany you, giving you the lowdown on heritage and history, culture, art and geography. Sightseeing guides in Morocco will take you everywhere from the vibrant markets to picturesque desert, cycling guides in China will take you into rice fields, along stunning rivers, and into age-old villages, trekking guides in Peru will take you into the heart of history, sharing their in-depth knowledge of Andean culture, and the list goes on.

Watch the video, grow your eagerness to follow in the footsteps of Lam, and then hire your adventure guide to make it all become your reality. (And, if you’re interested in seeing another take on a round-the-world adventure, watch the best wedding proposal ever.)

What’s your ideal route around the world?

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