3 Ways To Find More Travel Time

There are typically two obstacles wannabe travelers face – lack of time & shortage of money. This month we tackle the lack of time problem. When you consider that the average number of paid vacation days in the US and Canada is substantially lower than many European nations (Germany, Norway and Sweden – we’re especially pointing our envious worn-to-the-nub fingers at you!), and that most people don’t take their full vacation allotment anyway, it’s easy to see why we can end up exhausted, tied to the office seemingly 24X7, with no good travel adventure stories to tell.

Here are 3 proven strategies to get you more time to travel this year:

1.  Make technology work for you!

Working away from the office environment is now standard practice and there’s a good reason for that – it’s easy to stay as connected and productive from almost anywhere in the world as you are in the cubicle. In fact, I’ve found that I am actually more productive in shorter concentrated spurts away from the office setting than I am grinding it out in an 8 hour day on site. Negotiate the opportunity to test drive “remote workdays” and once you’ve proven they work (and you work!) and you’ve smoothed out any kinks - start stringing them together and hit the road. There is something uniquely satisfying about heading out for a scuba dive right after a Skype meeting with the poor office slaves back home.

2.  Invest in yourself!

Some companies provide for unpaid leave – this can be as little as 1 to 2 extra weeks per year, or in the most glorious of cases – year-long sabbaticals that can give you a taste of freedom unheard of in most people’s working lives. I took this opportunity in 2014 and have to say it is probably the best decision I’ve ever made. Bonus point - if you are traveling somewhere where the cost of living is substantially lower than your home country (say from Canada or the US to Ecuador, Peru, Thailand, Vietnam or the Philipines… I could go on and on!) - sublet or rent out your place and you can pretty much end up breaking even.

3.  Exploit every travel opportunity!

Stay closer to home, but use every 3 day long weekend to explore with short-hop flights or fun-lovin’ road trips, and don’t overlook all the interesting spots in and around your home town. Travel is all about exploration, adventure, and learning — and you can experience that just down the street from your house. Use work conference or training event destinations as jump off points for a few extra days in a new city. Even the obligatory destination wedding or family reunion can give you a chance to explore somewhere you’ve not been before.

With a little advance planning and creativity, you can wring more travel time out of your hectic schedule this year and you know the payoff is always worth the effort! Guided tours are a phenomenal way to maximize your travel time and see and learn far more than is possible in twice the amount of time on your own.

This beautiful short film examines the theme of the passing of time on this gorgeous planet – featuring truly stunning landscapes from New Zealand and Italy, and within the US from California, Hawaii and Arizona. Enjoy!

What are your best strategies for getting more time to travel?

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