The Truth behind Mountain Biking

Adventure guides choose their professions in The Great Outdoors for several reasons, the leading of which are:

1. For emotional and physical fulfillment

2. To escape soul-crushing noise pollution

So it comes at great wonder why 99% of videos made in nature come paired with modern music of some variety.

Wetness recently honed in on this point, creating a short video specifically to point out the beauty of nature’s natural sounds.

From the video, not only do onlookers learn why mountain bikers often become married to their sport, they learn why mountain biking guides can safely claim they have the best jobs ever; away from noisy cities, they can tap into life in its rawest, and in turn truly connect to the Earth and all its splendors.

Mountain biking guides from Argentina to Turkey, Ethiopia to Japan may see different terrain, but they all hear the same noises, the same hypnotizing whooshing and whirring, and the same tire-pattering and brake-humming. So while mountain biking guides in Peru take you on  unparalleled and sometimes hair-raising (there are some steep descents) adventures along the Inca Jungle Trail, or  mountain biking guides in Spain take you to places like Famara Beach, “the Hawaii of Europe,” bare in mind that it’s not necessarily just the scenery that’s so special: it’s the sounds too.

This year, treat yourself to a full-body, all-senses-included trip by hiring a mountain biking guide in one of many stunning destinations worldwide. Your sanity will thank you later.

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