River Surfing: Have You Tried It?

As someone who couldn’t stand up on a surfboard to save her life, I admire anyone who’s able to make a legit go at being a surfer. I’ve spent a lot of time in little surf communities and I’m always a bit envious of folks who are a part of it all. It’s like a happy little family.

But nowadays surfing isn’t just contained to the ocean. “Living Rivers” is a jaw-dropping short film that captures what it’s like to take on the big mountain rivers, especially from the high peaks of Montana, Wyoming, and Idaho. Here, surfers are “finding standing waves that move with life and never end.” Deep.

This three-minute snapshot, created by Epic Montana, takes a look at the unique river cultures in the western United States. It’s just one of two videos to be released – so keep an eye on the Vimeo channel for the next, coming soon.

It seems that people who love to surf are constantly looking for new and unusual places to hone their craft. I never thought I’d see so many avid surfers taking on a surf adventure in Ireland, especially when you consider how absolutely freezing the Atlantic must be. On the other hand, the brave river surfers in the mountains don’t seem to mind zipping up to hit the glacial waters either.

If you’re new and want to try surfing, I highly recommend hiring a knowledgeable surfing guide – there are plenty to be found all over the world. And if you’re more like me and the idea of surfing just kinda freaks you out, I suggest giving stand up paddle boarding a shot. I’ve never tried SUP on the ocean, but there’s nothing more peaceful and rewarding than taking a board out on a calm lake or river.

Inspired? Watch how they do it in San Diego.

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