Teleport Yourself to Japan via This Epic Video

If you’re curious as to what Japan is like, we’ve got the video for you: Scott Gold’s “January in Japan.”

But January or not, Japan is one of the top places to visit in all the world. As Gold’s video proves, the island nation in East Asia is packed with unique sights to explore and delicacies to eat, both of which create a dreamy, poetic feel. Besides broadcasting Japan’s true colour, “January in Japan” cleverly captures the nuances of life there, in particular, the differences between city and country living, something that Japanese guides can explain more about. Gold, in turn, shows that Tokyo is a thrilling, hustling and bustling gem, but traditional, non-city life can be just as spectacular.

While Gold has an eye for capturing the essence of Japan, local guides can take you directly to the sources of what makes the country so incredible. In other worlds, under the guidance of Japan’s experienced tour guides, you can rest assured everything you see in the video can become your reality. And here’s how:

Japan’s sightseeing tour guides will show you around Kyoto, taking you to visit intricate wood carving shops, the best paper and tea shops, and Shinto shrines and Buddhist temples, while other guides in Tokyo will take you on relaxed guided walking tours where you’ll also be able to taste “fukagawa meshi,” a dish that was originally a fast food meal for fishermen that consists of asari clams and green onion, cooked in miso soup and then poured over a bowl of rice.

Go ahead and watch “January in Japan,” but be warned: you’ll find your finger clicking “book trip” and “hire a guide” soon after; the country is irresistible. (As are it’s incredible walking trails, mega flora and historic buildings.)

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