Can You Ski in a Summer Forest? Yep

If you’re keen to ski in the summertime, you could go to Dubai and hit the city’s indoor ski hill, you could go to Chile and Oregon where mountains are capped with snow year-round, or you could simply strap on a pair of waterskis and carve up a lake. But if you’re professional skiers on a mission to create epic content for “Valhalla,” the ski movie of the year, you, well, head into the forest.

Skiing guides worldwide have seen everything the sport has to offer, but even they were blown away by this video; how on earth is it possible to jib off trees and jump over waterfalls in the woods…in the dead of the summer!? The answer: talent. The other answer: truck in snow from a nearby mountain and carry it up to the shot location by backpack.

Just as guides explore the boundaries of travel, taking your ventures to the next level, “Valhalla puts a daring spin on the sport of skiing, showing viewers that powder isn’t necessarily the only condition to ski in. But if you’re happy to hold off until the white stuff flies, skiing guides are ready and waiting for you too.

In British Columbia, local ski tour guides will show you nature and skiing equally as breathtaking as this film’s forest skiing segment. And one thing they offer that the forest doesn’t is an apres-ski “decompression session” at a local hangout. Other bonuses to skiing alongside these snow gods and goddesses is you’ll get lift-line priority, video analysis of your form, and guaranteed improvement in your steep skiing skills.

Skiing under a thick canopy of green leaves in the summer certainly sounds (and looks) dreamy. (On the flip-side, surfing in the arctic sounds anything but.) However, shredding next to ski guides in one of the world’s most beautiful parts of the world (Western Canada) is an even more epic experience, and one that you should sign up for without a moment of hesitation.

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