Man Fends Off Great White Shark In Sydney Harbour

It’s not everyday you have to fend off a Great White shark with your bare hands (and feet). But that’s what it appears this guy in Sydney, Australia, does after jumping off a cliff into the harbour. There’s speculation on the web as to whether this footage is real but there’s no arguing it’s dramatic! And if it is real, it begs the question: would this ever have happened if he had enlisted the services of an Australian tour guide?

Australia is a beautiful, dramatic and wild place. Whether you’re navigating the notorious bars of Kings Cross in Sydney or dodging Death Adders in the outback, you’re guaranteed an exciting time. As always, we recommend taking a guide along so that your “exciting” time doesn’t become a dangerous one. Whether it’s a sightseeing trip in Sydney , an Aboriginal day tourĀ in New South Wales, a winery tour near Perth, or platypus spotting in Queensland, you’re not only going to have a more enjoyable time, you’re more likely to have a safer time as well. So consider hiring an Australian tour guide when you’re down-under and help keep the dangers (like sharks) at bay.

If you are unfortunate enough to meet a man-eating shark in your travels around Australia, though, follow these 6 tips on how to survive a shark attack:

  1. Don’t play dead. It’ll just make you an easier target.
  2. Don’t swim too erratically either. Thrashing about draws more attention.
  3. Keep facing the shark with your hands and feet outstretched in front of you.
  4. Punch or kick the shark in the nose. Easier said than done, true.
  5. Better yet, go for the eyes or gills. They’re the most sensitive areas on a shark.
  6. In short, fight back. Sharks aren’t interested in eating something that punches and kicks.

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