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September 2016 Update

We have had a significant number of partial Kiva loan repayments! So we have done another round of investments into our lending program.

We have helped fund Mario in Bolivia and Kantaben in India.

Mario is free of debts from any other financial institutions. Mario is the owner of the house where he lives with his family. He has a good business and he needs a loan to buy cattle.
Kanataben is a mother of two and works with her husband in the fields. With the help of the loan and the expansion of their business, they can expect an increase in income by Rs 6,000.

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July 2016 Update

We have now had 3 Kiva 100% loan repayments! And, of course, we have reinvested that money into our lending program.

Most recently we have helped fund Juvy in the Philippines and Nicholas in Kenya.

We helped Juvy to buy fishing supplies.  She is  38 years old, has five children and has been in this business for six years. her goal is to be able to send her children to college.
Nicholas will use this loan to service and maintain his motorcycle. He started his transportation business four years ago, his business goal is to own a taxi within five years.

Every sign up for a free traveler account or subscribe to a listing plan  leads to more loans!

May 2016 Update

In April, we celebrated our first Kiva 100% loan repayment, with our lending program just now entering its seventh month of existence!

Meet Hermenegildo, our first borrower to complete his loan repayment!

Hermenegildo of Peru makes his living by serving as a journeyman laborer, with more than 5 years of experience in this business.  He used his loan to purchase journeyman tools for his business.

His loan repayment allows us to re-extend those funds to another deserving entrepreneur who needs a helping hand.

For this, we say thank you to him and to Kiva for making it possible for us to support and foster the entrepreneurial spirit worldwide. As of today, we’ve made 24 loans assisting small business owners in 18 different countries!

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March 2016 Update

We were delighted to take advantage of the offer to double any loans made to women on International Women’s Day, Tuesday, March 8, 2016.

We now have 19 active loans in place in 15 different countries!

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January 2016 Update

In just 2 months, we’ve been privileged to provide 14 loans to enterprising business people in 13 countries.

To our delight, 11 of these loans are already being repaid - some up to as much as 40%!

This allows us to continuously re-loan the repaid amounts to help even more entrepreneurs establish or grow their businesses.

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November 2015 – Kiva Team Launch

We are absolutely thrilled to announce that this month we are launching our Kiva #GuidesGiveBack lending team.

Starting this month, a portion of guide listing fees will be used to support microlending in the developing world, and a contribution will also be made for every traveler sign-up.

Here are some quick stats on Kiva, and the amazing things their giving teams and borrowers have accomplished in 10 years of existence:
Kiva Stats - 2
That’s an impressive repayment rate, and a staggering amount of funds in play helping people escape the vicious grip of poverty in the developing world. Supporting entrepreneurs to start or grow a small business can create stabilizing forces in even the most vulnerable of communities.

We have kicked off our team with contributions that helped the following borrowers achieve their full loan funding:

  • Hermenegildo, a journeyman worker in Peru who is in need of additional tools
  • Linet, a supplier of firewood in Kenya who requires more stock to sell
  • Nusrat, a fabric trader in Pakistan who is expanding her business with new products
  • Esther, a coffee-drier in Mexico who needs building repairs for her business after an earthquake
  • Devora, a produce supplier in Nicaragua who requires a variety of perishables to sell
  • Janet, a seamstress in the Philippines who is short on materials and needs maintenance on her sewing machine
  • Everlyne, a restaurant owner in Kenya who serves a local clientele and needs to replenish her stock of ingredients
Check out our team page to learn more about these loans, or better yet - join us!

Every traveler and guide sign-up results in a Kiva micro-loan contribution.  It’s a total win-win, so don’t hesitate!

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