Fantastic Film of Underwater Sea Creatures

Beyond sand, some coral, and the odd fish, most people are unaware of the stunning “otherworldliness” under the sea. Case in point: did you know that a group of jellyfish is called a “smack,” a shrimp’s heart is in its head, lobsters can live up to 50 years, and a blue whale’s tongue is so large that fifty people could stand on it?

The most clued-in people when it comes to knowing the ins and outs of life under the sea are scuba diving guides and snorkelling guides. On their guided tours, not only do you get to experience a world so colourful and mysterious, you can come across species you could never even dream of, like two-meter-long eels that can generate 500 volts of electricity, and cuttlefish that change colour depending on their surroundings.

The underwater is full of fascinating life, all with unusual behaviours, and it’s only fair to say that everybody should experience sea life at least once. With its vibrant colours that you could only expect to see in a paint shop, and its impressive array of textures, scuba diving and snorkeling tours leave you awestruck and wanting more. Whether you’re scuba diving in Hawaii, Italy, Turkey, California, or off the northern coast of Peru, it’s a guarantee you’ll be blown by the stunning life forms underwater. For a taste of what’s out there, enjoy this beautiful video and then hire a scuba or snorkelling guide today.

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