8 Haunted Ghost Tours That Will Terrify You

Tis the season for ghouls and goblins and what better way to meet them all up close than Haunted Ghost Tours. Checking out the best haunted houses on earth is one thing, but having a tour guide take you through the spooky streets of London in search of Jack the Ripper’s spirit or on an underground walk by lamplight through Prague would definitely give you your fair share of shivers.

People might try to convince you that ghosts aren’t real but tour guides who specialize in the Otherworld know better. Read on to learn about eight tours that will scare you silly. The following guides are connected to the spirit world, and they’re ready to take you there with them.

For the past 18 years, Jenny Phillips has been leading Haunted Ghost Tours around London that focus on Jack the Ripper, and with nearly two decades of research dedicated to the murderer, you can bet she knows every single detail pertaining to his messy murdering spree. Until past midnight, Jenny bravely takes you to the exact murder sites of victims of Jack the Ripper, at which point she encourages you to speak with accompanying psychics and ghost hunters. If you’re not scared silly standing in the dark at Jack the Ripper’s murder spots, it’s safe to say that not much will give you the spooks. Jenny’s tour is ready to challenge all those who think they’re immune to being frightened by ghost stories.

Besides Jenny, Declan McHugh who leads The Blood & Tears Walk also has the shocking lowdown on the infamous Jack the Ripper. Declan will  share with you countless chilling facts about the murders and the murderer, such as that Jack the Ripper’s murderous actions were so brutal that, owing to the manner of the mutilations, the original suspects were butchers, slaughterers, surgeons and physicians. The most chilling fact of all, however, is that since Jack the Ripper was never found, it’s unclear just how many people fell prey to his axe. If not The Ripper himself, on Jenny or Declan’s tours through London’s creepy back alleys, perhaps you’ll see one of the known five beautiful female victims.

On their nighttime 4-in-1 Haunted Walking Tour, Frank Picone, an entertainer-cum-ghost-hunter, and Denise Dijkstra, a French-English bilingual tour guide who lives for everything ghost-related, take you into several of Louisiana’s scariest buildings. Why are they scary, you may be wondering? Because they’re mighty haunted: The Pharmacy Museum, for one, is haunted by those who died during the drug experimentation process to find a cure for Yellow Fever, and LaLaurie Mansion, the most haunted building in the French Quarter of New Orleans, houses the apparitions of the people she so brutally tortured (many people claim to hear screams of agony coming from the empty house at night and see ghost slaves walk about on the balconies and in the yards). New Orleans is packed full of haunted buildings, so if you’re on the market for a good ghost story, this is the destination for you. But be warned: Frank’s tours are not for the faint of heart…nor the weak of stomach. New Orleans’s ghost-scene is not to be taken lightly; they take their jambalaya and their ghosts seriously.
Hana McGee, Rebekah,  and Stepan are the masterminds behind Prague’s Underground Walk by Lamplight, one of the spookiest walks out there. It takes you into the dark depths of Old Town’s former prison and torture chamber where spirits roam free (and plentifully). If the eerie feeling of the nearby ghosts isn’t enough to send shivers down your spine, the stories Hana, Rebekah, and Stepan tell will get you there, especially when they talk about the gruesome events that occurred between executioners and prisoners in the exact spot you’ll be standing in. After this tour, you’ll never doubt the spirit world again!
To feel like a legitimate ghost hunter, join Robert George Allen, Jac Hayden, or Levi Cole on the The Haunted Vegas Ghost Hunt. Here, yes, a free pizza party is included, but the real highlight is getting to use your very own professional ghost hunting equipment. While Vegas may be known for its casinos and nightlife, ghosts are still rampant in the city, and it’s fun trying to hunt them down. Tip: Ghost hunting gear in hand, head to the Las Vegas Hilton; Elvis was loyal to that hotel, and is purported to have never left, even after his death. The king of rock ’n roll’s ghost has been spotted in his penthouse suite, in a freight elevator that he often took refuge in from his fans, in the basement area underneath the theater where he would hang out with the musicians, and backstage where he has been seen by stagehands. Always wanted to meet Elivs? Now’s your chance!
Owing to it’s long history of death, disease, and other tragedies, Savannah, Georgia, is said to be one of the most, if not the most, haunted cities in the United States. And it doesn’t help that it’s built atop thousands of unmarked graves! Jeff’s tour, Savannah Haunted Pub Crawl, takes you to where you can see (and taste!) spirits. The tour heads to several haunted historical pubs, and while you drink your spirit, Jeff divulges information on the spirits that roam the premises. Some of the pubs are haunted because of murders inside, but, most often, they’re haunted from the dead in the unmarked graves they were built on top of; after all, the dead don’t always appreciate being disturbed by never-ending sound of footsteps. And why are there so many unmarked graves in the first place? Because one of the bloodiest moments in the American Revolution took place in Savannah. Within just a few hours, over 1,150 soldiers were killed in a battle between the Colonists and the British, and their bodies were simply dumped in a mass grave. Plus, when it comes to the fact that you can’t go a few feet without walking over a body in Savannah, it doesn’t help that, for many years, burials were permitted in the backyards of people’s houses!
If you’re up to exploring the eerie cemetery of Fontanelle, a cave that houses some 40,000 human remains (that’s about 4 meters worth of bones compressed into the soil!), Fabio Comella‘s your man. On his tour, Mysterious Naples, Fabio bravely escorts you through the cave’s depths where lie the bones of victims of the great plague of 1656 and the cholera epidemic of 1836. Fabio warns that a flood some years back that washed many of the bones into the streets of Napels upset the spirits, and, in turn, be on your guard: the Fontanelle cemetery is not a peaceful place.

But besides housing disturbed spirits, the cemetery requires the bravest of visitors for other reasons: the ghosts are attentive, and they’ll follow you out. In one instance, in front of the skull of a famous captain, an engaged couple joked that they should invite him to their wedding. But their laughter soon turned to fear when, on their wedding day, a tall distinguished figure dressed in the white uniform of a sailor arrived at the ceremony, a figure whom nobody had ever seen before. The newlywed couple confronted the man, but all he said was, “Two months ago, at Fontanelle, I was invited by you to your wedding…you laughed in my face, but here I am.” After catching sight of his body underneath his shirt, the groom dropped dead, and the man-in-white disappeared, chuckling sinisterly. The bride changed her white dress to a black one, and never smiled again for the rest of her life.

Prague may be stunning to look at, but behind the city’s beauty lie shocking stories of ghosts and the supernatural. Peter Sýkora and Andrea Arcidiacona of The Dark Shadows of Old Town tour lead you into Prague most famously haunted buildings and alleys, as well as into Josefov (the Jewish Town) where it is not unlikely that you will spot a spirit yourself. To name just two ghosts in Prague to “look forward” to meeting, there’s the drowned maid who was murdered and now haunts the House of the Golden Well (she has been seen countless times crying, dripping wet, teeth chattering, and hair drooping lifelessly) and the murdered nun who haunts the area of St. Agnes (on one occasion, this ghost nun appeared to a girl who wished to poison herself because of a tragic love affair, grabbed the poison from the depressed girl, and replaced it with a bag of coins to enable her to live a happy and prosperous life).

Surrounded by centuries-old Venetian architecture and cobblestone streets, it won’t take much to get you on your way to being scared silly in Venice. The historic environment screams ghostliness and Laura Carsillo’s Ghost Tour of Venice goes into the exact detail of why the city is so saturated with spirits. Enhanced by the nighttime lighting (or, rather, lack thereof), Laura’s tours quickly send shivers down your spine, especially when she tells stories like the one about Palazzo Dario that faces onto the Grand Canal in the Dorsoduro district of Venice.

As the “story” goes, Palazzo Dario has been cursed ever since it was built in 1487. Why? The number of deaths of owners or members of their families is just too high to be coincidental. The first victim was Giovanni Dario’s daughter who committed suicide, and she was followed by her brother who was murdered, a famous tenor who died in a car accident, a count who was murdered in the 1970’s — the murderer was, in turn, murdered in London — the manager of The Who who committed suicide by throwing himself down the stairs, Nicoletta Ferrari who died in a mysterious car accident in 1980’s, and Raul Gardini who committed suicide under mysterious conditions in 1993. Would you buy the building? Or are you even daring enough to take a peek inside?

On the Lost Souls of Gastown, you can join Will Woods and his scary band on an adventure into Vancouver, Canada’s earliest and most gruesome history – a time when the city was a violent frontier town full of hustlers and thieves, vagabonds and bawdy girls. You will hear stories of Vancouver’s first madam, who built a glamorous Gastown bawdy house before the city even had a school; a long-forgotten plague that clutched the city in its feverish grasp; the terror of the fire that ate up Gastown in minutes and sent people sprinting for their lives down Water Street; a Klondike Gold Rush beauty, who had her heart broken – and her pocketbook looted – by a ruthless theatre magnate; and, the city’s oldest unsolved murder – the death of prospector John Bray.

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