15 of the Scariest Bridges on Earth

For millennia, human beings have crossed chasms and rivers with the help of bridges – whether in the form of a fallen log or a 6.5-billion engineering masterpiece like the Bay Bridge in San Francisco. And when travelling from A to B over a bridge, we here at GuideAdvisor always recommend having a quality guide along to ensure missteps don’t happen.

Guides like Eva Vondrusova who leads tours over the gothic statue-decorated Charles Bridge on her Prague City Tour or Nick Simou who takes guests over the iconic Tower Bridge in a classic convertible Morris Minor during his Highlights of London tour. Other alternatives include Christian and his Ultimate Paris Bike Tour that leads guests across many whimsical Parisian bridges or Alexandra Kenin’s Presidio Exploration tour that showcases the Golden Gate Bridge. (And interesting fact about that bridge is it was originally supposed to be painted black and yellow to be more visible to the US Navy ships operating in the bay but the general public were so taken by the orange colour of the sealant, the bridge was kept that way. Or considering joining Patrizia’s on the Strolling in Florence tour that takes guests across the Ponte Veechio, one of the most famous medieval bridges in the world.

Of course, there are bridges in the world that aren’t for the feint of heart – some are high, some are exposed and some are just down-right sketchy as confirmed by the following 15 images of the scariest bridges on earth.





Northern Ireland:









Costa Rica:


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