Would You Ever Ride a Half-Bike?

Since it’s invention in the late 1800s, the bicycle has seen many forms. From the cumbersome Penny Farthing, with it’s oversized front wheel, to the shock-laden downhill mountain bikes we see in so many RedBull commercials today, the bicycle has changed size and structure almost ever year for the past century. Which is great because nowadays we have off-road steeds for guided mountain biking excursions and comfortable cruisers for sightseeing tours around town. Bicycle guides also offer electric bike tours in places like Italy and Greece, and soon there might be Halfbike tours.

What’s a Halfbike you ask? It’s kind of like a low-tech Segway – you stand on the pedals and steer by leaning left or right on a guiding pole. Perhaps the best part is, though, that it folds up and can be carried like a large suitcase. The company Kolelinia, based in Arizona, owns the patent to the design that was created by architects Martin Angelov and Mihail Klenoy who are both passionate cyclists. They claim the Halfbike is perfect for urban commuting because it’s small, light and portable, allowing you to carry it up to your office rather than entrusting a U-lock to keep it safe on the streets from possible thieves. Will this technology catch on? It probably isn’t conducive for people such as Guillaume Blanchet of Montreal, Canada, who filmed the movie “The Man Who Lived On His Bike.” Nor would it be conducive for stunt riding in San Francisco. But no doubt there are bicycle guides out there who are considering making Halfbike tours part of their offerings.

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