Portugal – Everything You Want & More!

Great beaches? Got ‘em. Loads of sun? Check! Rich history & culture? You bet. Vibrant cities? Again, yes. Delicious food? Uh huh. Lively nightlife? Of course. Interesting architecture? Yup… OK, you’re getting on my nerves now…. but you get the picture, right? Pretty much anything you look for in a travel destination can be found in Portugal - and what’s more – it just may be the most affordable destination on the continent this year.

In a single day you can travel from lush green mountains in the north, to the near-desert landscape of the Alentejo region, and finally to the glamorous beaches of the southern Algarve.

This is a country of people who love life, family, food, wine, sport and music above most everything else. The experienced and passionate guides who call Portugal home can’t wait to show off its wonders to you. Whether you want an outdoor adventure, to drink in the culture and learn about the history of the region, or just to kick back and enjoy the scenery while you are escorted everywhere you want to go – on your very own private tour.  There are friendly local guides ready to help you make the most of your trip.

Portugal is also considered a top ten destination for golfers - boasting 14 of the top 100 courses in all of Europe. Road trips are a popular option here too but be careful - they say that every Portuguese person has an inner rally car driver busting to get out. And did we mention the plentiful vineyards and ubiquitous fish markets? Nectar of the gods and seafood to die for. Truly what more can you ask for?

Since I know a picture paints at least a thousand words… I’m going to stop typing now and let you be tempted even more by this award winning time-lapse of Lisbon and Sesimbra – and then just see if you can resist putting Portugal on your must-visit list this year.

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