Why I Hope For A Flight Delay In Paris

As part of the cross-country running team at the school I attended in Paris, I can attest the French capital is the prime terrain for the sport. The team and I trained in the expansive Parc de Saint-Cloud in Paris’s outskirts, a park classified as a Historic Monument, as well as one of the most beautiful gardens in Europe. But when I trained solo, I often took to the city-at-large. Running in a park located on the grounds of the Ch√Ęteau de Saint-Cloud that housed royal and imperial families from the 16th century is pretty unbeatable, and the cobblestoned streets of Paris also abound with beauty to admire. The star of the following short film titled “PARIS ON THE RUN” portrays just that.

“PARIS ON THE RUN” follows traveller Lauren Berkman on an impulsive running adventure through Paris after her connecting flight is delayed for a few hours. It’s next to impossible to find a traveller who hasn’t been at the mercy of travel hiccups, but Berkman demonstrates how to turn an inconvenience into something life-changing, for the better. Unhesitatingly swapping her stilettos for running shoes, Berkman darts out of the airport, map-in-hand, and into “the City of lights.” Viewers follow as she races from landmark to landmark, taking us on a unique tour of a lifetime.

Parisian bike tours, bus tours, car tours, and walking tours are all fantastic ways to experience the city, but there’s something exhilarating about seeing it on the run, literally and figuratively. And the smells, oh the smells: passing by boulangeries and French bistros, you’ll sniff the delightful likes of fresh-baked croissants and warming French onion soup. Or, like Berkman, you could take a pit stop for an iced tea in a quintessential Parisian coffee shop. The moral of the story: always carry workout attire in your hand-luggage; you never know where you next running adventure may take you.

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