What it’s Like to Travel in Southeast Asia


This might seem like a simple travel video at first, but if you’re planning any upcoming travels throughout Southeast Asia, this little highlight reel is sure to get you beyond excited about the journey.

And if you don’t have anything planned yet…maybe now’s the time?

Janis Brod is a freelance filmmaker from Germany who spends a good deal of time travelling around capturing awesome scenes on camera. If it sounds like a dream job, that’s because it definitely is.

Brod recently spent three months travelling across the Indochinese peninsula, including Laos, Cambodia, Thailand, and Vietnam. This video is a compilation of her adventures, offering up snapshots into everyday life as well as full-on panoramas of the stunning natural environment. You’ll see everything from locals feeding orange-robed monks to young boys diving off rocks into the ocean. Personally, such videos are always my favourite – they’re honest and real, and the simple everyday acts of the locals are captivating.

At six minutes long you’ll want to sit aside some time to really appreciate the beauty of this video. Maybe grab some popcorn and a cup of tea. There’s never been a better time to hit up Southeast Asia. Although it’s been a notorious backpacker’s trail for many countless years, there’s a lot to offer every type of traveller. Embark on a wild adventure in Vietnam, or see what Thailand is all about beyond Bangkok. Whatever route you take, it’s sure to be a good one.


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