Life is a Dance

It’s been awhile since a video has really blown my mind, but Life is a Dance is the one to do it. Even better, it’s filmed entirely in Germany – with many of the unbelievably beautiful destinations within a short distance from me.

I showed this to my German friend, and he said, “Finally, Germans did something right!” (I’m sure that’s an exaggeration, but it made me giggle.)

This short documentary follows an insanely talented all-male dance group known as the Saxonz around various places in Germany, filming their dance moves and basically impressing the heck of anybody lucky enough to be an eyewitness.

“With your heartbeat the rhythm of your life begins. It’s an endless playing song. But they tell you not to listen. They tell you to ignore. But now you know their promises were a lie. You rise up to move and dance to the sky.”

Albeit the background narrative is a little cheesy, but the shots of the surrounding landscape are anything but (plus I kind of think the narrative is a bit of fun-poking at themselves). I’m actually gobsmacked that such landscapes exist in Germany, and now I can go hunt them down myself.

While Saxonz identifies themselves as a breakdancing group, so much of their graceful, choreographed movement reminds me of ballet, or contemporary dance (not that I know a great deal about either). Coupled with the backdrops of castles, limestone pillars, swaths of green forest, and historical buildings, they’ve got all the makings of a mesmerizing, must-watch video.

If you’re interested in any of these destinations, there’s a huge list in their video description. Dresden and Leipzig are the two most frequent destinations (I guess they cover Saxony…makes sense), which is great news for me…I’m just a short bus ride away from both.

If you’re looking for more reasons to visit Germany, perhaps these heritage castles will whet your appetite.

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