A Stop Motion Italian Honeymoon


As far as romantic holidays go, Italy seems like the proper destination for a honeymoon trip.

(Honestly, I wouldn’t know – it’s one of the few European destinations I haven’t visited yet, much to the horror of my fellow bloggers.)

While I’m not a huge fan of stop motion video (motion sickness, anyone?), this video by photographer Mike Matas is a real winner. The imagery is just so good – there are winding roads, plates heaped with pasta, crystal-clear Mediterranean waters, quaint villages with cobbled streets. It’s basically everything that comes to mind when thinking about Italy, all perfectly captured over 1000 kilometres with 2000 photos. The main subject is Matas’s gorgeous new wife, Sharon.

Sharon is also a talented artist, it seems. She draws her way around the country, capturing gorgeous coloured artwork as she goes. Italy is definitely in no short supply of inspiration.

Road tripping around Italy can be tricky. Drivers tend to have their own rules on the road, and usually those rules involve breaking the speed limit…by a lot. If road trips aren’t your thing, perhaps you’d be more interested in an epic rail journey.

There’s a reason why Italy has been such a hotspot for tourism over the years. Actually, there are many reasons. I plan on hitting up the country for a full month in 2016, starting in the Dolomites with some hiking and then working my way down towards Pompeii, Rome, Florence, and Venice. There’s literally something here for everyone, whether you’re interested in taking an art tour in Rome or an Italy hiking-trekking tour in the glorious mountains.

And I mean, if you want to spend your whole time seaside on the Mediterranean with a cold drink in hand, I’ll completely support that idea too.

For more Italy inspiration, check out Rome Beyond the Coliseum

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