OMG – Pics From The Day After The Party

I’m not gonna lie to you - some of the staff at GuideAdvisor are true party animals. So when the holiday celebrations started, we were pretty much primed and ready to cut loose. No matter what though - being the nomads we are - at every party the conversation inevitably turns to travel! Here is a taste of what’s on the GA staff and contributor’s destination plans for 2015.

BJ –  from the development team – will be diving as much as is humanly possible, surfacing only long enough to search out the spiciest food to be found in places like the Philippines, Thailand, and Singapore. We all think this is a particularly courageous combination of activities given there is no quick or easy escape route once you’ve wriggled in to a wetsuit, no?

Nancy will be taking a break from her Product Manager duties to sip some well-deserved sangria in Barcelona & perhaps indulge in a bitter or two in London (OK, maybe three). She won’t admit it but I suspect there’s more than one soccer match buried in this itinerary…. can you say ”fanatic”?

Katheryn - our go-to goddess for all things marketing – has Thailand & Cambodia on her culinary adventure wish-list this year, and Switzerland for a nostalgic trip with her beau back to where they first met years ago. Israel may be another spot calling her name in 2015 - if all the stars align just so.

Jennifer –  a GA researcher who describes her terribly difficult job as “looking at pics of the most beautiful places in the world” - will be getting down and dirty on a 10 day hike on the Sunshine Coast Trail, traveling over 180 km from Saltry bay up to Desolation Sound along the coast of stunning British Columbia.

Candice (who writes here too, only better) classifies her GuideAdvisor contributions as spending the greater part of each work day stewing in jealousy over places she must visit immediately. Her list this year includes 3 weeks knocking about in Hawaii (where Susan and Sheila will both be heading at some point), participating in a volunteer archaeological dig in Spain, setting off on a sailing trip in Greece, and wrapping it up with a 10-day camping trip from Las Vegas to the Grand Canyon.  Oh, and she’ll be relocating to Berlin in her spare time. Well Candice – who do you think is stewing in jealousy now?

Tyler – who publishes trips and profiles for GA guides – will find himself in Nepal if he gets his way. This tour in particular strikes him as the trip of a lifetime!

Vawn (whose specialty is penning our guide interviews) has a good friend competing in the Mongol Derby this year. For those of you not familiar – it’s a 1,000-kilometre horse race across the Mongolian steppe, considered the longest and toughest in the world. Riders switch horses every 40 kilometres and live with herders, or camp under the stars for 10 days. Vawn is hoping to tag along and retrace the steps of Genghis Khan’s legendary postal route – and if he can swing it, he’ll also drop by Ladakh in the Indian Himalayas for some high-altitude trekking. Obviously, he’s a bit of a slacker.

As for me? None of your damn business! Just kidding – it’s 2015 and the air feels just right for the Amalfi Coast in Italy and for a good long wander around Thailand, connecting with guides all along the way.

Now I promised everyone I wouldn’t name names when it came to the “day after” party photos – but I know you’re smart enough to figure out that I’m the studious looking one at the end with the glasses on. That’s right…. the only one caught actually working.

Where are you going this year? Talk to me.

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